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  1. Hello Thanks for the responses - much appreciated. Sorry for the delay coming back. To answer a couple of your questions.. - I was using 7.9.4 (Which I think is latest version) - Re. outputs, I was getting no data received on the dimmers until I set an output to universe 1, however I hadn't patched anything at this time so maybe the output wasn't initialised? It was slightly confusing behavior though Could you elaborate a little on where you find this is an issue? In the Fixture Schedule, using arrow keys you can see what cell is highlighted by the blue cell.  I am used to working in command line, so patching with the keyboard as far as possible. I found the workflow on FLX which seemed best for me was: - Open to the patch window (after creating all the fixtures I want) - Tap on the address column, this might cause a window to open but I clear that - Type the channel I want to patch, press enter - the patch detail window for that channel appears - Add the DMX address etc - Press enter - Confirm over-patching if necessary - This returns me to the normal patch view, I now have to press clear, as if I type a second channel number without pressing clear I will edit two channels (however the window doesn't tell me this so i can make lots of mistakes!) Could you elaborate a little on this? When doing this you will simply need to move the faders to the level the playbacks are currently at (shown in the MFF window), and the faders will then re-gain control of the playbacks. We call this level-matching. It seemed to me that when I changed between the two the output would jump to the current fader positions in a non-nice way (level matching is what I would expect to happen), I would need to get back to the desk to check I wasn't imagining things I'm not sure I understand what you mean here, could you expand a little? There is a new version of the iOS apps coming soon which greatly improves connectivity, and provides support for Apple Watch.  When you press a key, the button is rendered as down (highlighted) and when you remove your finger it should re-render to the normal state. What I found happening regularly (maybe due to bad wifi?) was that my release of the button was missed, so the button would remain pressed. If I wanted to use that button again I would need to press it so it logged a key-up before I could use it again The thought behind the Remote is that any time you try to connect to the console from any device you will require the password. You can disable the password in SETUP -> Remote, if you wish, which in most cases still provides sufficient security as the wireless network password is required to connect your device in the first place. This is just annoying though - once I know the password then I should be able to save it so I can quickly re-connect to the desk. I see no benefit to forcing it to be typed every time. Pressing SETUP will take you out of Setup, as long as you aren't in a separate window within the console Setup. The HOME key is purely used to Home fixtures or program defaults and max levels, rather than being used to access a "Home screen". So this is where I think the physical button layout is confusing - to me, the buttons surrounding the screen appear to be buttons that change the view - which some of them do (and their light lights up to reflect the view, hence the weirdness when the lights go out) - I would expect the home button to be near the programming keys. Obviously these buttons are now rather set in stone and I'm sure I would get used to them in time! Do you remember whether any front panel buttons were lit, or did it just seem that the buttons were unresponsive? If this happens again, please let me know. Has been fine since - all the buttons were off, although the 8 segment button for fader pages did its cycle on power up so was connected to something There are a few other comments I have since using the desk a bit more.. - It would be great to have a list of used fixtures/favorite fixtures when adding new ones - I found it very boring to have to search for a fixture every time I wanted to add one. Ideally the "show" fixtures and maybe bookmarked fixtures would be in a list - Similarly, it would be great to be able to search all fixtures (from all manufacturers) in the middle column when you haven't specified a manufacturer - that way if you know the model name you can miss a step of having to find the manufacturer first - I found update annoying. In my mind update should only put the captured (red) channels into the target, however it seems to take the console output. This meant that in my use (an exhibition whit a playback for each area) I had to take other areas to blackout in order to record or update a specific playback - I found it a little confusing when selecting a colour palette for a unit that wasn't in that palette (as there was no error to see when it wasn't a relevant palette) - maybe this is just me - I found entering real time confusing in that I am used to being about to type 220000 and a console automatically formatting it to 22:00:00 - Jon Hole kindly pointed me in the right direction of adding decimal points to format appropriately - I'm not a massive fan of the long command line - I found it hard to tell what I had just typed, and I feel at the least the "enter" command (or assumed enter after commands such as @@) should insert a more obvious block than just a comma. - I also would like a way of sneaking/releasing a single channel out of the programmer in both live and also in blind, I couldn't see how to remove a channel from a cue.. - Also, in blind or in live, is there a way to see the colour/other information for a channel. I usually worked in the Strand 520-esq channel view (using shift-view) Hope these thoughts are useful! I've finished on that job now but will try and find an excuse to use an FLX again soon Richard
  2. First time on the FLX today. I like it but there seem to be a number of bugs/issues - initially I had universe set to ‘auto’, however using DMX output 1 I got bad signal when checking with a swisson (dimmers didn’t recognise anything) - changing to universe 1 fixed it - patching is laborious. There seems no way to add a fixture without giving it an address, and far too much tapping on the touch screen. It’s not very clear which column you are editing, when you try to patch an address that’s in use for a new channel you don’t get a warning, the number just reverts. You seem to have to make lots of use of clear/enter and check which Column is selected meaning it is stupidly easy to make mistakes without noticing - also when patching, the menu when addressing doesn’t display the channel number you are working on, neither do any of the confirmation alerts. So if you accidentally edit the wrong channel there is no way to know - similarly if trying to patch an in use channel the alert should tell you where you are currently using the address - is there a way to view patch in address order? - I somehow managed to unpatch channels twice. And I’ve no idea why. This could have been a bug. Or just me - either way it’s not good as there was no alert that gave me enough information to know it was happening. - at one point patching one 8 bit dimmer would patch two addresses. I have no idea why. This stopped after a while - in live, when you switch faders from channel to playback mode with faders up ugly things happen - when you select ‘colour’ on the right, the led above the colour button lights up as expected, but as soon as you move an encoder it goes out - the remote (iOS) regularly doesn’t read key up’s meaning you can end up with a load of buttons seemingly pressed - the remote is confusing if you leave the desk in setup and try and use it - the remote should remember the console password - the remote seems to flash ‘incorrect password’ when making a successful connection. - I feel pressing home should take you out of the setup area - at one point the entire face panel (other than touch screen) became unresponsive across power cycles. Maybe this was a hardware issue - no way I can see to go next/last through channels. - no way I can see to call up channels by address. I couldn’t get rig sync to work with a power cube but they may not work with it? Richard
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