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  1. Hi Edward. Thanks for coming back to me In programming them I ques using the go button in the que stack. But after plotting a scene they default back to the home position. I did recently check if the move on dark option was enabled and it seems to be. I will email the file over to you. Thanks Phil
  2. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I am in the process of plotting the lighting for a concert as you can imagine there are a fair few lighting ques to plot. Whilst plotting my Martin 250s keep defaulting back to the home position ( open white no gobo pointing straight down) as soon as they fade to black. This is driving me insane as normally I fade them and move them to the next position and gobo etc.. . They have been working fine before not sure if I have changed a setting or so thing is latched. I am using the Leap Frog with the latest release of the ZEROS Software
  3. Thank Jon just downloaded and updated problem resolved some good effects on the update. Thanks for your help. phil
  4. Hi can anyone help. I have recently updated my leap frog (with the latest Zeros software update). Following the update i re added my fixtures back in 4x Martin Mac250+ 6x Adj V bar packs 4x Adj Ubh12 batterns i can select colours from the mfks however there used to be some pre loaded effect basic effects like “ square. Triangle “ these are not showing in the mfks anymore . If I press the effects key it show “no effects” if I press Auto create the red light goes out under no effect but the mfk’s remain blank. Can anyone offer any help. This also is a problem for my A
  5. Hi Can anyone help me with this. The manual says the touch screen can be set out in quadrants. How do you get into the setting to do this. Basically I want my Que Stack and output levels on one desktop and my pallets for my fixtures on desk top 2 . Is there any instruction avalible to do this. Any help greatly appreciated spent all night trying to work it out Thanks Phil
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