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  1. Hi Edward. Didn't want to update during show run but did not have any further issues. I have since updated to 7.9.5. I attach an early error log that we received early in the set up/plot where we got the 'Oops something appears to have gone wrong' One thing we did notice the day after the 'problem' is that one of the playbacks seems to have got corrupted. A power off and power on didn't clear the issue. I really wish we had saved the show at that point with the 'corruption' and tried to call it back in but wise after the event! The playback (19) continually flashed with the MFF set to zero which indicated to me it was running. It was running a mover very slowly lit with a colour we were not using! Other playbacks had their LED's lit but not flashing. Master playback ran other cues happily but not Playback 19 which was triggered through the stack. Again for info debug file attached although, as I say, very early on. debug_31-12-1969_19-00-55.zdb
  2. Hi, Have a show running at present but occasionally get the desk lock up. There has been one or two issues during the programming where I received a 'Oops, something has gone wrong message...' but was too slow to capture the error on a USB stick. Anyway, during the run last night we had a lock up where we had to restart the desk and then everything carried on as normal. It is a cue where a pair of moving lights are first commanded - this maybe just coincidence but we did have a few issues during programming with them when they just started randomly moving but not lit. Is there a error log or something that can be retrieved after the even where I can obtain any info to share with you guys? TIA
  3. As always, thanks Edward. I think I have this nailed (he says....:)
  4. Morning!! Couple of questions on this. I have read threads on triggering playbacks from a master playback using trigger and release and this works most of the time (I am sure it is me not the desk!!) I have a cue list that has a slow chase which I trigger from one cue, next following cue is a fade of other lights with chase still going (no problem). I then have another cue which snaps in. That cue has a release. We have new scene and chase stops. All fine and dandy! Next another cue of static lights that trigger a chase. This is fine. This is where the 'problem' lies as the following cue releases one chase and starts another on the same fixtures. There is a fade on this cue i.e. one chase to another (it doesn't actually need to be) My thoughts/question is: Should I have a fade here - I guess not since its one chase to another chase? Having a trigger and release in the same cue on the same fixture which has the higher priority - trigger or release? Should I have them triggered/released on trigger on raise? Hope the above makes sense!! Martin
  5. My fading chase still behaves oddly. One thing I did notice is that whilst I set my fixtures on MFF49 and MFF50 and select the colours I want on each fixture and that when I fade up I get that colour, if I double click the CLEAR button as you would if you make changes in a normal Master playback scenario the colours are reset back to, in my case, white. The fading up/down to the BPM works by adjusting intensity and colour settings under Setup for the cue (in my case 19) but the colour still flicks back to white at about 90% fade up in intensity. File of just this is attached. I would like to know what I am doing wrong. fading chase.isf
  6. Thanks JWylie91. I shall be doing just that. I guess I was in a bit of a rush to do the effect (which will be vastly expanded on but wanted to test it basic!!) Thank you.
  7. Hi Edward. Again many thanks. I will now look at intensities and colour Given you second comment about hard value, I am thinking if I approach it differently and set my intended colours at the outset i.e. fixture 1 is set at red and fixture 2 to green before I create the playback then create the playback/chase. Again many thanks for your help
  8. I have posted a couple of things regarding chases and all have been answered - thank you!! New query. Requirement of a chase of two LED's - one LED set red the second green. a slow chase of alternating red and green (10BPM) just alternate fading up and down (colour stays fixed to LED) Desk set no tracking. LED fixtures (PAR's) set and controlled on MFF 1 and 2. First: MFF 1 up full, colour set to red. Program to Playback 10. MFF to zero. Second: MFF 2 up full, colour set to green. Program to Playback 10. Select as chase. MFF to zero. Select playback.Setup on playback with global BPM field set to 10BPM. MFF 10 to full. two LED's alternate (snap red/green) On the two playback lines (playback view) the two lines that a alternate green/yellow I see fade up/down times on one as 3 and 3 seconds but the other as 0 and 0. I have altered them so they are the same but makes no difference. The only time I can get them to fade up and down is to go to the Setup for playback 10 and adjust Intensity %. That then causes a further issue that the fade up and down is as required but the second fixture (the one that had its times as 0 and 0) fades up and then snaps to white and then fades down. On the channels display you see the intensity 'count' up and down but one does so in BLUE (the channel that performs correctly) but the one that misbehaves counts up in BLUE and but when the colour snaps to white the intensity value snaps to white, continues to count up and then down. The first cycle behaves correctly but the second and subsequent ones 'fail'. You don't seem to be able to undo the situation - only delete it and start again!!
  9. Brilliant, thanks Edward. I shall be having a test run to see if the Director is happy with the effect. This looks straight forward. On the whole this is so much easier than the old Frog desk where I would just leave the chase on a sub master and add it in as each cue was called. martin
  10. Hi, I have been reading all the posts and replies relating to chases and playbacks but could not immediately find the answer to this one. This is a bit of pre show planning and have not started this yet merely reading up ahead of programming the show. Firstly I will be creating a chase on a playback e.g. PB1 with a particular speed (BPM) and effect. I will then be creating cues on the Master Playback for my scenes with static lights. At this point I will add in the chases by tapping Setting on the cue where I want the chase to start, selecting the macro Trigger Cue Stacks and selecting, say, PB1. I will repeat this for the following cue to disable the chase by Release Cue Stack and selecting PB1. At this point I have 2 questions: Firstly if I need to alter the speed is it a matter of just altering Setup of PB1 and thus all instances where I have used PB1 will be updated with a new speed? Secondly, if I Update my static lights in a cue where a playback has been used is the chase unaffected? BTW, the support and help on the Forum is excellent. Many thanks to the users and support team.
  11. I have been asked to look at a show where a theatre cue stack will be used and incorporated in to the lighting design is the use of a smoke or haze machine. This will controllable via DMX - it will be an Antari or Le Maitre machine. Whilst creating the lighting effect is no problem, there are occasions when the smoke/haze needs to be controlled. How best to do this? I am expecting the volume is the parameter that is under MFF control. Firstly I thought of a cue calling for the effect to be switched on at a level (set via the MFF) and a following cue automatically called from the first cue to switch the device off. The lighting will fit around the cues.
  12. Thanks Edward, I will try that this evening. I am using the secondary monitor all the time and is so much easier that the in-built screen. So far the desk has been very intuitive. Even the backup worked well when I deleted the entire show rather than one cue!! Won't be doing that again in a hurry!!
  13. Hi, New user to FLXs48 During setup when fixtures are named, I enter the name of fixture e.g. LX1 DS Wash, but when I return to the split screen with Master Cue list at the bottom and channel information at the top the naming get truncated to about 5 characters. Is there a way of making the characters smaller or wrapped so you can see what each channel is controlling. White tape under the MFF is an option!! From Frog days, its nice to have the name of the cue in something meaningful that about 8 characters that you had before!!
  14. Many thanks for this I shall get buying. Not directly related, but is there a 'recommended' touch screen monitor? I notice a couple of posts referring to iiyama.
  15. Hi, We have just purchased an FLX s48 and waiting for delivery. We soon will be purchasing a touch screen monitor which will require a USB connection. If I use a USB hub can I simply connect keyboard and mouse to this hub and connect to FLX s48
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