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  1. Edit: Problem solved. I changed the IP adress to When I open ZerOS Remote on my Android smart phone my FLX S48 shows up in the list. But when I tap it to connect the message "Warning Desk Connection Fail" pops up. What is wrong?
  2. If i already have my whole show recorded on the Master Playback, can I still change it to Grand Master?
  3. So I can mix different playbacks and they do not affect the output of the following cues? It's a solution that needs a lot of work, but if that's what I have to do maybe it's worth it.
  4. Ok, but can I mix channel fader and playbacks in some other way, with other settings? I don't really get the tracking and highest takes priority settings. Can I go around it in some way or is it totally impossible to mix them?
  5. Hello. I work with a flx and have 40 cues in a playback on master playback. The problem is that if I have to raise any fixture (in addition to the programmed cue) and then lower it that fixture stays at 0% even if it is programmed in a cue later on. How do I make the settings so I can control playbacks and channels separate?
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