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  1. Cant seem to find any reference to the new manuals for 7.9.5 ? Any updates ?
  2. Hi Peachy, How have you got your unstraps set up ? As a 10 channel set of dimmers or in 10 channel DMX mode ? thanks Martin
  3. Hi all, I've now tried this and although the first attempt to load the file in didn't work, the second attempt did ! Not sure why ! Anyway, new effects pallets are now there, and successfully loaded my show file and they're still there !! Thanks guys for your support as always. Hopefully you'll be able to figure out why some of us had this issue and others didn't. Be useful to get nailed for future updates ! Did I read somewhere that there's an updated support manual inbound any day now ? thanks Martin
  4. Something else I've just tried, was to do a reload of 7.9.5 and add a fresh new fixture, i.e. not add my show file, and still the same thing ! No effects pallets at all ! so probably not an issue with our show files. Tried 3 different fixtures, an RXONE, Vizi Hybrid 16RX and Chauvet Slim PAR hex and none would auto add effects pallets, just the "no effect" was visible. I did speak with one of the support guys on the phone yesterday and he mentioned that there may be an additional file that needed to be loaded with the effects, but there's no mention f that anywhere on the release not
  5. Hi Jason, I've had the exact same thing happen, all the effect pallets have now vanished, when selecting fixtures, just the "no effect" pallet remains. Oddly they wee there with the 7.9.5 beta version, but after dropping back to this version they have also vanished. I've reloaded 7.9.4 and the auto pallets are generated again. I've emailed support as well as Edward as I'm at a bit of a loss. I tried adding a new fixture and testing the pallets that way as Edward recommended but this too failed to generate the new shiny pallets Hopefully they'll be able to solve thi
  6. Any date on when ZerOS 7.9.5 will be released ? Is still by then end of the year ? Thanks Martin
  7. Ah ok great. Thanks for the info Dan, I'm planning to download these and have play after discussions with Edward. I'll give you a shout if I get stuck Thanks Martin
  8. Hi, Anyone out there using Capture visualiser with a MacBook Pro ? Looking at taking the plunge and getting the Solo edition for Mac, but not seen much out there on setup or use, din't want spend £400 odd to find it doesn't work with FLX. Thanks in advance Martin
  9. Second reboot seems to have fixed the above issue ! I notice briefly when entering and exiting the setup screen there's a very quick message on the external screen saying saving.... something, so I guess this is doing what I need to I'll keep you posted on the crashy restart it did just now, first time I've seen that happen. Internal screen showed the colour pallets, but literally every other button didn't operate or any of the LEDs lit when buttons selected etc.. Reboot number 3 after a setup / exit setup and the playback names remain !! Thanks Edward, saved some Sunday hair p
  10. Hi Edward, Yes its running 7.9.4 Previously when naming playbacks they have remained after powering off the console. Some of the original playback names still remain, but any recent ones just vanish, with the exception of two playbacks I named yesterday which do remain, however if I try and change one of these then the changes aren't saved. Saw an error, co processor is missing during boot up ? That normal ? was highlighted in red on the external screen. Ok, so entering setup and exiting setup, this did seem to save the name on the playback, however as I'm writing t
  11. Hi there, After re-laying out my playbacks to a more logical order on the FLX I've noticed that new ones that have named are not being stored after the desk is powered off and back on again. One that have been stored before are still there and remain after the desk has been switched off and on, but new ones disappear. The function of the newly recorded playback remains, but its just the name that vanishes. Have I missed a secret save option that I did before but have somehow forgotten ? Some of these playbacks were copied to other playbacks on different pages before they were delete
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