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  1. Does anyone else experience issues with the latest update to ZerOS on the Solution desk whereby the Submasters (or Playbacks as they are now) and master Go button do not operate as expected? I can have 3 or 4 subs loaded, all with identical settings but some will operate as subs, allowing 2 channels or states to be run together but another one will take over and blackout the first. eg Houselights on one sub and a stage preset on another, with maybe some more circuits on a third. Does the state on the sub need to be recorded with Tracking? Sometimes turning the desk off and restarting it, or saving to usb and reloading seems to solve the problem. Also, the Master Go button would not advance and trigger cues although the fader would operate to move through the cues. I have double checked in Settings and all would appear to be correct. Again, sometimes reloading a show, or turning desk off and on again seems to make a difference. It all seems a bit random and I am now starting to think there may be a firmware or desk issue. Any ideas? Simon
  2. Hi Edward, I have done that and it now works, although when I first clicked OK it still did nothing. After turning the desk off and back on again it seems like it works. I did think that I had tried HTP master as an option earlier though! Thank you Simon
  3. Hi Edward, I successfully, I thought, updated to ZerOS 7.9.4. However, now that I come to trying to plot and run show cues via the Master Go button, I cannot get cues to run. The Go button if I am lucky will load a cue but not run it. I can make the fader above the Go button advance through the cue stack but it will fade to a black out before bringing up the next state. Once a cue is loaded, If I press the Go button, nothing happens. Any ideas? I get the feeling it is something in Setup but have not found out what yet. It is a Solution desk. Many thanks Simon
  4. Thanks Edward, I will find a Windows PC and give it a go. Simon
  5. I am new to Zero88 ZerOS. We have a Solution which appears still be using Do I need to load the intermediate versions or can I jump straight to the most recent? Also, at RGS we are all Mac base. Do I need to locate an up to date windows machine or will your update load perfectly well via an Apple Mac?
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