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  1. Hi Guys, I don't want to sound like a royal pain in the bum but I have some ideas that I've picked up from using the solution desk every single day for the last two years or so. 1) Inclusion of a version of "cheat sheets" like what ETC use 2) The option to have in-built effects like effect generators etc 3) A form of OnPC which you can program show files (with a visualiser) and then up-load onto desk (I know you have an OnPC but I've never found out whether this is possible or not) 4) More button customizability for Solution Desk (I understand you can change the insert feature but the ability to change around the functions of others Sorry if you already have any of these (I'm still learning lighting), or if any of these are pointless / not what the general consensus want. Just things I've noticed so far from my experiences. Many thanks. BenDoesLighting
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