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  1. Hi Kevin Releas was also disabeld. So I have to look for an other Solution. Thanx
  2. Hi I would like to corssfade a Cuestack of Positions. My Fadercontrol is set to Position, 1Way Crossfade. MIB is disabeld. When i move my Fader, inbetween every Cue, my MLs went to Default Positions. Whats my Mistake?
  3. Hello We have a brand new FLXs 24 We like to setup W-LAN Net for Remote. My Problem is to find the default PIN to connect the Remote App. Help needet. Sorry Problem fixed.
  4. Hi there i'm looking for an "NonDim" Fixture. Same as the Relay Fixture but controlled by the intensity Wheel. Can't find anything. Tryed to do it by the Fixture Type Editor. Without succsess. Help needed. Regards Wolfgang
  5. ...is there a List with al these nice shortcuts?
  6. Hi Edward. Nice. Thank you so far. Wolfgang
  7. Hi. Is there a way to bring ALL Attributes of my selectet Fixtures to the Programmer? I came from GrandMA - there you make "PLEASE-PLEASE" and all Attributes are active. Sorry for my bad English. Wolfgang
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