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  1. Thanks for your help Edward - everything is doing what I want. I have yet to see what it actually looks like! I have noticed various helpful pages with hints/videos/forums etc, but there could be a better way of getting from one to the other than going back to Google
  2. Hello again! I am using playback #1 to run a number of cues, each of which is a macro to call other playbacks (37 - 42), each of which has a chase programmed; it also releases the previous chase. Mostly it is working fine, but the chases are cross-fading from one to the next over about 2 - 3 secs rather than changing as a snap. I'll want to run through these quickly (less than 3secs per Go). Another fader #2 is programmed to release all the above chases, which it does instantly. (it is these different chase patterns which I want to be able to change the colours over as per my previous query). Outdoor cinema stage 1.isf
  3. Thanks Edward. I've got all this working. I spent a lot of the time untagling my channels from the playbacks on the different pages! I'll post another query elsewhere unless I can find it already answered.
  4. I want to record a chase of a number of units. Then independantly I want to control the colour of all these units, possibly from a variety of plabacks.
  5. This is an image I have created to load into our desk and which I use virtually exclusively for selecting colours for fittings. The first row is a basic selection of bright colours; row 2 has a mix of colours (great for creating "random" colours); row 3 has pastels; row 4 is a fade from dark blue to white; row 5 is a traditional rainbow; row 6 is a rainbow of secondary colours; the last row is a variation of colour temperatures (great for blending with other light fittings). I created this using Visio. Please feel free to use and share.
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