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  1. As per the title, anyone recommend a reasonably priced touch-screen monitor for a Leapfrog 96? Thanks, Neil
  2. Hello all, Does anyone know if there are any training courses dealing with basic servicing of Martin lights? I know places like Stage Electrics do servicing work on them but I'm just talking about general disassembly, cleaning, fault finding as it's prohibitively expensive for us to have to send lights off. We are able to partly disassembly and clean but beyond that we can't do much more. Thanks, Neil
  3. That's a real shame. Basically I programmed a load of cues in a show and then realised I'd loaded the wrong show Coincidentally I spotted this in the release notes for 7.9.6 - "ASCII showfile importing". What does that do?
  4. (Leapfrog 96, ZerOS 7.9.5) Is it possible to copy Cues from one Show file to another via the console? Or failing that, is it possible to do it with a text editor or such? This feature would really, really help me out over the next two weeks! Cheers, Neil
  5. Doh! Found it almost the second after I pressed "Submit" - it's the default saved value for that fixture, in case anybody else was wondering. Neil
  6. I'm sure I've read this somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it: what does it mean when one or more fixture parameters (intensity) is coloured yellow in the programmer/output window? Neil
  7. Apologies Edward, I was on holiday for the summer. Will pick this up again once I have the chance. Neil
  8. I think there is something more fundamental going on with saving any type of cues. This week I started programming a new show from scratch. I started off by just working on some position setups and saving them as temporary cues as I progressed (probably my own quirky way of working). For example, I'd position a couple of sections of movers then when I was happy I'd save the Cue (snapshot). Then I'd Clear and work on positioning other sections of movers and then save a new Cue (not snapshot). So what I'd assume would happen is if I playback the first Cue and then the second Cue, all of the move
  9. Just checking back in to see if there's been any updates to the thread.
  10. Just to add a bit more detail. I thought I'd see what a CSV dump of my Playback looked like. I'm not saying I can make total sense of it but from importing it into Excel there is definitely a value for every parameter of every fixture written in there, despite the fact that the single cue should only contain Position and Effects settings for 5 of our movers.
  11. Yeah, same I'm I right in thinking they're away at some show at the moment?
  12. Thanks Kevin. Reading your post does make me think we share a similar problem i.e. parameters getting recording into cues (or elsewhere) when they shouldn't be (or shouldn't be expected to be). I've got an even weirder discovery from this morning. I loaded quite an old show that I knew had working submasters (that work ontop of other cues). Once the OS had converted the old show (from back when submasters were submasters), the converted Playbacks actually work as expected (for example, I have several that just set the colour of all the movers to a single colour, red, blue, green etc. and
  13. OK just checked. When I set the movers position and press record, the default options are "'Tagged Parameters" and then "Intensity" and "Position" (these are marked red, the rest are marked blue). When I then set the movers colour and press record the save options are "Tagged Parameters" and "Colour" (marked red, the rest marked blue). This is what I would expect but the playback behaviour would suggest that all parameters are being recorded regardless of which are marked red.
  14. Thanks. I'm away from the desk at the moment but I'm 99.9% sure that when I'm recording the FX/Colour to a Playback it shows the correct recording parameters. I'm always careful to look at what parameters have been tagged in the Output window before recording and it's always a single parameter type. I will investigate more tomorrow.
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