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  1. Got it. It's the master slider of playback X. for whatever reason, when it's at 0 chases will pause, and I'm 100% sure that wasn't the case. I completely missed this in the changelogs, but I checked again and it's 5378 I was about to give up and was playing around with phantom frog and stumbled upon it accidentally haha. I included a gif of what happens anyways in case you want to know
  2. Thanks for replying. I'm in Partial mode with tracking and replay tag set to off, and the others to channel, and the previous OS was version 10.4, so quite a large jump. I was looking through the changelog, and I think the problem is with 8.5 Replaying memories(Tracking) This might be what's happening, but not sure. Also, could you clarify on what it means by memory stack/playback stack? Do memories inherit features of the memory before it (say mem1 has colour yellow and mem2 has an edited position, mem2 would be the position but with yellow colour?) I'll do some testing tomorrow and update back. I'll also try to include images and gifs.
  3. We recently updated our school desk to FROG OS 10.12 and now chases seem to be broken. If I try to make one, I can program the steps fine, but when I scroll down it doesn't "save" it. Iirc, what used to happen was it would have a preview of the chase and run it through, but now everything that is modified will reset to 0(p/t/gobo/colour/bs etc) and even when you press finish, it will just act like a scene with all values at 0. Even the chases that were previously programmed did this. If it helps, the desk is a Fat Frog with version 10.12. We had replaced the battery maybe 3 months ago so there shouldn't be a problem with that. the fixtures are MAC 250 Kryptons.
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