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  1. Thanks Edward. So now I have a single CITP protocol running, the system text shows Capture is connected and no other info. I have reset CITP to default and set it as Universe 0 DMX is on and set as Continuous. in Capture, I have rebuilt the universe, set the channels up, universe is AUTO, Patch style is INDEXED, Patch base 1.1 - 512 and Name 0 When clicked, the universe show the current outputs as set from Capture and not the desk, so the lights work, but are not yet being driven by the desk. I then tried resetting the CITP universe to start from 1 but that also
  2. Hi. I use a FLX S24 and am attempting to link it to Capture Solo 2019 visualisation software on a Macbook Pro. So far I have got the desk to communicate to the Capture software, using a single network a cable link, but that's as far as it goes. I have patched the fixtures in the software and set the channels up but no joy, the desk does not want to operate Capture. Any suggestions for something else to do to get it to talk to the desk? Attached are a few photos of the setup so far.
  3. Hi Edward. I have the most peculiar login problem. Each time I try and log in it says my email and password don't match. So I click the Forgot Password link, get my email and click that then I am presented with the new password screen with the first line filled in with my original password. All I have to do is copy my existing password from the safe and paste it into the second box and Hey Presto, I'm in! Why won't it accept my normal password without having to go through this rigmarole?
  4. Hi Edward. Great to actually meet you in person at PLASA last week, what a huge help that was to get me going on the FLX S24. By the way, it is a supreme desk for the amateur and professional alike. Being one of the former, I tried my newly learnt skills out on the weekend and boy oh boy what a really super show we created in just a few minutes. It was two one act shows back to back and as time was extremely limited I even had to plot the second show while running it using copy and paste with blind changes. Thanks to the ease of use of the desk and your excellent tuition, not a cue was
  5. Thanks, I was interested as I want to run Phantom and Capture on the same machine, but using Parallels for Windows may slow things down rather a bit on a laptop. PC it is then for a while Regards, Nigel
  6. Just wondered if PhantomZerOS is platform dependent or can it work on a MAC as well?
  7. Brilliant, there is still time before the show to do this so thanks a million, I'll get on with it tonight. Nigel
  8. Hi Everyone and Edward of course. I have created a single Playback for a commonly used lighting state. I now need to update the main playback cue with slightly different intensity values. Is there a way of updating the cues that stem from this playback globally so that I only have to do it once for all the dependent cues in the cue stack? Thanks Nigel
  9. Thanks Edwards, the file was sent very quickly and it works fine. I now need to ask another question about cue updating but will start a new thread for that Cheers Nigel
  10. Thanks Edward, that worked. I'm not such a dummy as I thought I was! Really helpful and the effect worked a treat. Nigel
  11. Sorry guys but I'm new to the FLX S24. Lovely desk but I want to add a new 'Chinese made fixture' and there is no hint of a name that seems available in the library. The only details I have are from the very inadequate manual, photo of the channel assignment attached. Can anyone help!
  12. Just a quick question from a newby on the FLX S24. I need to be able to raise the UV channel separately from all the others. There is a very good Knowledge base article about colour mixing RGB but I need to know if the same process works for all 6 channels. I presume it does, but I'm not able to try it until we get into rehearsals and dress so time is very limited if I have to do something else.. Thanks to anyone who can allay my fears! Nigel
  13. Thanks so much Kevin, I have now changed the battery and updated the desk to the latest op system, and of course totally cleared the fixture library so I have had another go at building a new library and assigning the fixtures, successfully I might add! Foxed me for a while as the new LEDJ HEX configuration changed from using the wheel group but I accidentally found that a double press on the colour button selected the other colours. The dimmers work on all channels and Brightness on the fixtures and they also recognise the Grand Master. So thanks a million for your tips, i can now recor
  14. I'm a newbie to the Fat frog. Sorry about this but I am up against a steep learning curve with a big show coming over the horizon fast! My problem is with LED fixtures. I can get the normal channels 1 to 48 working fine, but how do you get a LED fixture starting at DMX 49 into the memory stack and how do you get a virtual intensity set up and working for it? I have just downloaded fixture library 36 and loaded and assigned the LEDJ Performer 18 Hex - 6 Channel and Performer 18 RGBWA - 5 channel fixtures (4 of each) since these are the normal ones I use. They work fine on the wheels,
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