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  1. ok - may seem silly but ive just spent a while modifying yet another "zero88" flightcase - this time for a bullfrog! It is virtually impossible to fit all the bits and pieces in the little recess under the desk. We modify our frog cases with a large knife and a flat blade to have a recess that fits floppy disks (prevents the power supply lead plug breaking your personality disk!) and another recess to hold the power supply itself. If this could be done at source it would help! Also - the desk seems to rest on the connections at the back (especially the power supply connection) - this cant be good and again a simple change in the foam can prevent this. Just a thought! Thanks! Ian
  2. :oops: ah - ok - i just figured it out!! The menu no longer pops up when you create a pallete.... ok - sorry bout that! :oops:
  3. Hi, Excuse me if this has already been posted here. Have just upgraded one of our frogs (fatfrog) to 8.1 and have noticed that when a pallette is created for the first time it seems to take ages. To clarify the situation - you hold down say the colour button and press and hold the flash button where you want the pallette to end up. Previously the screen would change after maybe 2 seconds to the prgram pallette screen where you can progrram clear or cancel. This now seems to take ages - i got bored after a minute and started repeatedly pressing the flash button and it turned up! If you then change the value and attempt to reprogram the same pallette it comes up instantly. Anyone help? As it stands the net effect is that it takes ages to do your pallettes!! Cheers, ian
  4. hi all, I was originally looking for a file that would give me a list of fixtures currently supported. When I didnt find anything obvious on the website it seemed a fine plan to download the fixture type editor and the latest file and use that to check. The editor downloaded fine and installed a "Common Fixture Type Editor" and a "Fixture Type Editor". I then downloaded the "Frog Range Fixture Data - Release 9.03 (June 2003) (500 kb)" file - a file called gft9_03.ift If I double click the file the Fixture Type editor opens and says that this isnt a User Fixture type File. If I open it in the Common Fixture Type Editor there are only a few entries and not the ones I would normally expect in the CFTfile... I've downloaded the file a second time and tried a variety of ways of opening it but still no joy! Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers, Ian
  5. I too can vouch for the waterloving frog. Last years reunion tour for The Pogues saw me, a FatFrog and the noise boys pair of H3000s getting hit on a daily basis with a barage of guinness and other beverages as the crowd expressed their joy at hearing "Streams of Whisky" one more time. Not a problem though which is more than can be said for the H3000s! Ian
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