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  1. That's great Edward and what a fast service you provide. Many thanks, Brett
  2. Thanks Edward, I had found that but when you click on the pdf it is the same link as the original above thread and nothing is found. Brett
  3. Hi, Anybody know where I can pick up this manual? The link at the top of the conversation is no longer correct. Many thanks, Brett (Regal Theatre Minehead)
  4. Hi, I would like to hopefully resolve a situation on power-up that the Startup screen (the blue one) freezes up so the system does not complete its Bootup. We have connections to all three back USB ports, it appears that after switching off and with any of the three USB disconnected it might Boot correctly, other times it takes several attempts. From time to time it will Boot first time without disconnection of any of the USBs. The USB connections are: Touch Screen, KBD & Wing Any ideas what I could look at further? Once running we don't appear to have any further issues although the Touch Screen can stop responding and the only way to get the touch response back is by rebooting the desk, could the problem be related? Many thanks, Brett (Regal Theatre Minehead)
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