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  1. DramaKing


    I've checked out the holding down the go key, and it puts go-to cue/ into the command line which is all good, Page locking is good found that under the advanced tab Still no joy getting the cue list to appear on the internal screen yet, I'm sure it must be a quirk of whats on the screen at the time when the external screen is enabled.
  2. DramaKing


    Thanks Edward. I'll have a look at this stuff again tomorrow, I'm fairly certain there was no option to set the advanced options on playbacks when I tried but I will look at it again now I have your info.
  3. DramaKing


    Hi guys, I'm using an FLX, for the first time for a panto show and there are 3 fairly big general usability issues I've discovered with the software. Unless of course I've missed something subtle in the settings. 1. With an external screen plugged in I can't make the master cue list screen appear on the internal display which would be nice when the palette/position/beam etc is displayed on the external screen, as a consequence of this there is no way of knowing which current cue number you are on without swapping views, it would be nice to have the cue number shown somewhere even I it's just in the top corner of the screen or something. 2. There's no way of selecting a cue number manually using key entry, I hear you all cry that you can scroll the screen and press on it but this is completely impractical when you've got like 300 cues and you need to do it in a hurry. 3. Playback page locks. It would be really nice if a playback could be locked so that it always stays regardless of what playback page is selected. These are just a few observations I've made as a novice FLX'er but a seasoned operator of various other consoles. Do you guys even do feature requests?
  4. I've got my laptop hooked up to my s24 and I've got the zerOS remote software running on there all good no problems there.. Question is, is it possible to customize this display so I can have the groups window on there instead of the effects palettes window? If there is a way of doing it it's not immediately obvious how. Thanks, Tom.
  5. Hi Edward, the console was outputting to artnet via a switch (dedicated network not shared) it's certainly not a networking issue because it did it using the direct dmx output too.. no usb devices plugged in.. oddly enough after the show finished in cycled the power and it went back to normal until I tried to record a cue and it got progressively worse over a period of about 25mins by which time i had to go. I checked and it was running software i think it was. I put the new latest software on and it seems to be ok now, not used it on a show environment yet but I ran it up for a couple of hours this evening between shows and it's looking solid again now. Sadly I didn't get a copy of the show file because I formatted the usb stick to transfer the new software over from the pc. As an aside from this is there a way to switch off the dhcp when using an artnet connection? Regards, Tom
  6. Yes I get the programmer time bit and pressing the button in the middle of.the wheel toggles it on and off.. thats not what is causing my issues it's not a repeatable problem either, every so often it completely stops.responding to fader inputs from the playbacks and palette executions then aftrr say 30 seconds or so it unfreezes and finishes the fader palette entry, and the z key and clear key are permanently lit right now. It's also laggy and unpredictable when using group selections, sometimes selecting a group misses one or more fixtures in the group. Sometimes switching playbacks page makes both the 1-24 & 2-48 leds light up. Sorry I was unaware there was an out of hours number to call. By the way the console is brand spanking new from stage electrics I've had it about a week but this is the first time I've used it on a real show. Perhaps the software may not be the very latest version. Haven't checked that yet. Regards, Tom.
  7. Managed to get through the first half, the software keeps hanging up, I know I'm not used to zerOS but this is rediculous. Not impressed. Does anybody from zero88 read these forums or are we relying on each other?
  8. Help guys, clear light stuck on, nothing selected or in programmer, console laggy. Show starting in like 5 mins, starting to loose faith in my s24 now. What have I done?
  9. Hi, firstly must say I'm a new flx user, I was completely blown away by the s24 and I made up my mind to buy one within 30 seconds of seeing it. I got to patching, programming palettes and building a cue stack without even breaking out the manual.. I'm not a novice lampy by any means but it's my first time solo with zerOS. I've come up against a minor user induced problem that I'm hoping somebody can help me fix. When i programmed a prism palette I must have tagged the gobo attribute as well and I can't seem to edit or update the palette in a way which looses the gobo1 attribute, I assumed pressing the button in the wheel would untag it which it does but it doesn't appear to 'save' this change when updated. I'm wary of deleting palettes after a cue stack has been created using this palette because I'm sure it will break it.. any pointers greatfully recieved. Sorry for the long winded question.
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