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  1. how do i use the virtual dimmer with a stairville moving light i say this because i notice in the release notes for 10.10.1 it says it can do this can anyone help out on this situation spiritbacking
  2. i have a robe 250xt and need to know if there is a way i can remotely turn lamp on from cold start on a fat frog
  3. i have a fat frog and a stairville mv250h but cant find fixture settings, can anyone help?
  4. i have a geni mojo spin master1 and i have downloaded the fixtures library from zero 88 but still cant the right unit to assign for it can anyone help ?
  5. the dmx lead was wired out of phase after all, so thank-you
  6. we have a fat frog desk and we are trying to use 4 chauvet technoscan 250r scanners on it but the machine cannot see them are interacte with them, i have got the fixture settings from zero 88 site for the lights but i still have no joy with them. can anyone help?
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