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  1. marcopolo

    Updated Manual

    Thanks - that will help a lot
  2. If you want more specific info I will give it to you. I had to look at the wireless card in the fixture Prolights Stark 400 to work this out sending serial numbers and software versions to W-DMX. It is to do with frequency hopping I understand. But quite surprising that one wireless Rx unit with a problem in a fixture can upset every fixture (even those on different G5 Rx - Stairville- units without the problem). Initially you think it is the desk or the Tx W-DMX T1 G5 as the only possible cause ..... Waiting for the fix at the moment as G3 is not exactly the most up to date solution in a new light!!
  3. marcopolo

    Updated Manual

    Please please please can you update the crib sheet soon. I really need it when I go into schools. This is your future customer base !! They just want to get stuck in and not sit down with the videos .... Think cheat sheet and you have them. Is it a long till the next version is out????? Thanks Mark
  4. Thanks - I have sussed the problem. It would appear that the fixtures have old firmware within them despite being new fixtures. Have reverted to G3 and it all works. I had not realized that a fixture downstream could affect all the others.
  5. Hi guys Has anyone experience of using the FLX with the W-DMX G5 products? I cannot get a glitch free signal: The movers suddenly and randomly all twitch together, some lights randomly flash full on simultaneously. It will hold good for 5 mins and then start a run of glitches every few seconds. Then hold good. All lights get the same glitch signal independent of Tx unit or Rx unit. I have turned off RDM on the FLX. If I take the W-DMX Tx box out and insert a Stairville compatible Tx box, I get the same glitch. If I have four separate Rx units all on different addresses, the four fixtures, all twitch the same time in the same direction so the erroneous signal is going out to all units and is identical (Substitute a wire, it is not there). Help gratefully received! Thanks
  6. marcopolo

    Updated Manual

    Hi Edward - did you do this? Thanks Mark
  7. Prolights Eclipse Fresnel, is it beyond an upgrade or just a question of waiting?
  8. Hi My LED Fresnel has these colours: red, orange, green, royal blue, blue, lime I am not sure how to convert the standard RGB filter board and colour picker to take advantage of this colour set up. I seem to be doing a lot of manual colour selection! Any clues? Thanks MArk
  9. marcopolo

    Updated Manual

    Thanks a quick reference sheet would be brilliant, does not need to include the setup phase, but to include this too please http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011707591/What-does-the-Output-Window-show.htm Plus a quick bit about Cues and Tracking as that catches everyone out and they end up in a mess! Mark
  10. marcopolo

    Updated Manual

    Thanks for the above. I found this in the repositories of your site. It is not 100% right, as it is for a different desk (Orb) but very useful: https://zero88.com/manuals/orb_quick_reference_sheet_issue_1.pdf Any chance of a full one for the FLX? It saves a lot of time when introducing people to the desk!
  11. marcopolo

    Updated Manual

    Hi I note there are several significant changes with the new FLX software especially in setup. Is there a manual update as the current version as an example among many things that differ shows a home setup screen I cannot find any more in setup etc. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi. I am using the fixture editor to create my own fixture. I have a very simple LED controller. it has 8 channels and controls two separate LED strips. It has 8 channels, and I have set up one virtual to dim. Two problems: A) I can get one strip on the colour picker but not the other. Is there any way to have two colour pickers for the one DMX address? B)A would be fine if I could get the two strips to operate as one. But this is also out of reach! I have had several test runs - how do I delete the incorrect .ift files from the FLX Thanks - Mark LED Strip 5.ift
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