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  1. Hello all, Would anyone be able to check the fixture profile I had a go at making for the Stairville 240/8 LED bar CW / WW please? I'm completely new to Zero 88 - used to ETC so in a bit of a head mash to be honest. The LED bar has 8 segments of cold white and warm white LEDS and therefore 16 channels. I'd like to programme it in various chase forms which will match the sound of a vocals kind of like a db meter on a sound desk so sometimes I will want 1 segment then 5, then 8, then 2 then 3 then 8 and so on. Can't really decide the best way of doing this but had a go at creating the fixture library putting each segment and colour in to a parameter and labelling them as colour. I'm going to be using a FLX s24 desk - just on the offline editor on my laptop at the moment to try to get to grips with it before tech week in 12 days time. The thing is- I then patched the fixture in as channel one - all fine - select it and the 4 wheels become segment 1 CW, Segment 1 WW, segment 2 CW, Segment 2 WW and that's it because theres only 4 wheels! Is there a way of getting the other parameters? It says there are no colour palettes and gives some effects but none I can select. Apologies for the probably obvious questions - thank you in advance for any help you can give! Emma. Link to product manual: https://images.static-thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/402214_c_402214_r3_en_online.pdf stairville 240 8 cwww.ift

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