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  1. Hello everyone. I come seeking help. Apologies if my terminology is wrong but I'm not a lighting engineer. I've inherited a Zero 88 Solution and I need some guidance to make it do anything. As far as I can tell, it's connected to one (or two?) ChilliPro dimmer units. There are certainly two of these mounted on the wall in a separate room. Since the cable coming out of the back of the Solution is plugged into a socket labelled DMX2 I assume that's CilliPro number two. The wiring into these dimmers is all inside trunking so I can't determine much from that. I can power up the Solution but from there I'm stuck. We have dozens of lights up in the ceiling which are connected but I can't get any light out of any of them. I know they are connected because I've seen them working and controlled from the Solution in the past. All I'm looking for is a simple slide this, press that, and hey presto, a light comes on. I'm not looking for fancy programming or anything like that. Thanks in advance
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