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  1. Well, thanks for answers! Problem solved for now, since the guest technician is ok to work with the Go-Button. A Workaround that came to my mind is to save each cue on a playback fader and program each playback button to trigger a "go", so we could have both worlds in the future. @ zero88: Maybe it could be possible to let us use the Go-Button when in Manual-Fader-Mode? I don't see any reason why it is switched off.
  2. Hello, I've got an urgent question. We would like to run cues with crossfade, not with the "Go" button. I suppose that "Manual Fader 2 way" mode is the way to go here. If I switch to this mode, I can't manually start cues with for example "Go + 5" anymore (which works in HTP master mode), which is not convenient for rehearsals. Is there a workaround or better way which I haven't found yet? Thanks in advance!
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