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  1. FranckJ

    3 and 4 Wheel Groups arrangement

    In fact, I'm just at the point of buying a S48-1024. But before, I want to verify that all the lights I will use with it could be "librarized". So, I take the original library of the GLP YPOC 700 CMY, and discover that the affectation of the encoders are not good. I just want to put them in the correct order. But I think you're right : I will start from blank, and create en fresh new library for my Ypocs, and create the wheels in the correct order... Let's see ... Wish : it will be good in a future update of the editor that this "wheel tab" could work with FLX and FLX S... Thanks, [EDIT] That's it ! In Fixture Type Editor, the order you've created the parameter is important for the wheel assignement. The original library is not good enough for me. I will recode it from scratch. Thanks Kevin !
  2. Hi There, I'm trying to (re)create a library for my GLP 700 cmy. In the Fixture Type Editor, I'm organising in the tabs "4 Wheel Groups" a wheel group with "Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / CTO", and in a second wheel group "Color1". Saving, loading the file in PhantomZerOS to test. Patching only one machine. If I select this fixture, and clicking on the "Color Tab", I see "Color 1 / CTO / Red / Green", and with the second click "Blue". What am I missing ? Thanks

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