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  1. Thank you so much for your quick responses. Very Best Regards and excusme for my English.
  2. Hi everybody, my new solution has ZerOs I wanted to ask if it is better to update first for example 7.9.2 and after 7.9.7 or directly to 7.9.7. Thank you so much for any replies. And sorry for my english
  3. Kind Edward I noticed that when you load a playback page on its display a white bar lights upand before the update it fills up when playback was performed. Thank you very much, good weekend. Excusme my English. Franco
  4. After updating to version 7.9.6 when I change page of playbacks I have to wait to work with playbacks. There is a way to speed up the change. Thanks for the possible reply and sorry for my english. Best regards
  5. Dear Edward, I thank you infinitely for the answer and I wish you all the best.
  6. Good morning, if possible can back on the playback with varius cue, for example in my playbabk there are 3 cues, with botton under fader if possible go next cue, if possible back the cue? Excusme for my bad English, thank you for response. Best regards
  7. Dear Jon ok no problem, thanks again and good work.
  8. Dear Jon Hole, first of all thanks for your quick response, no because the cue before the problem worked properly then once done reset and loaded the show everything works perfectly, at some point the playback give that problem. thanks again
  9. hi I'm a lucky owner of a lp96, it happened to me that during the preparation of a show the playbacks when operated commanded only dimmer no pan or tilt and no beamshape and second cue not funcion completly, I noticed that the led on the flash button when the playback is operated is not lit steady but flashes, to solve I had to reset the desk, can I solve it in any other way? Software in use 7.9.4. Thank you and sorry for my bad English.
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