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  1. The reason in the control panel of the console "FROG2" where: buttons, fader and screen ...

    * The 1st malfunction is in the MASTER. MASTER is output to 63%.

    * The second fault lies in the other faders. The fader is only output by 50%. And at the same time if you output one of any faders all 50% of the fader are output.

    * The third malfunction is in the dial (where the page number is shown), namely when you output the fader, the dial turns off.

  2. On the control panel, namely where are: fader, buttons, and the screen manifested such a defect. When you output "" MASTER "" by 50%, then everything is fine and everything works, and when over 60% for example, then on the SCREEN the master value is reset from 60% to 43% while on the control panel the dial becomes very dim and automatically displayed other faders, and other buttons light up. And with the remote control it is not possible to use the recovery wizard at 50% then everything works fine, you output 60% then the defect is returned. What to do HELP or ASSIST you please !!!

    I disassembled it and checked it visually and found the burnt chip replaced the defect all the same did not disappear; I changed the batteries and still did not help; Checked the Unit The power without the remote control is all good 5 and 12 volts, and with the remote control 4 and 15 volts, and for this very strong radios are heated .. AND FOR WHAT ??? HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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