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  1. Thanks again guys.... even got my fixtures working on the grand master now! - happy days
  2. Aha!!!!! - fresh battery - fresh floppy disk - BINGO! - we have an upgraded desk!!!! Thankyou Kevin and Edward - 5 gold stars each!
  3. Hi again, I tried the OS upgrade and it tried loading it but then I get "desk ID is invalid" "serial number not recognised" "startup halted" it won't go any further than that - if i remove the disk it starts up with the old OS. any ideas?
  4. Thanks Edward - the fixture file is one I made for our PARs. I'll get the latest OS on and then edit the fixture file - fingers crossed!
  5. Hi all, This has probably been asked and answered before but here goes.... fat frog running 48 dimmers and 8 individually addressed stairville LED pars starting at 49 (set as fixtures) each par has 4 channels - 49 mode, 50 red, 51 green, 52 blue, then the next one is 53 mode, 54 red, 55 green, 56 blue etc etc...... This all works fine when you're just programming memories - you use the wheels to get the right colour in the right place.... but the grand master does not control the overall brightness. - Is there a way to achieve this? Secondly - if I try putting individual colours onto subs (either as channels or memories) it fades the previous sub - even with the previous sub fader still up. All suggestions welcome! :) cheers
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