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    would the board support a cd rw drive? as even if the board would not support usb, you could use a cd rw? i can see people liking the idea of a usb. ( like i do!) but just thought i would ask as i could not see the question any where. simon
  2. having a go with the pp viewer. works great thanks sam might be worth a line on the web site to tell people that ( or it could just be me being stupid!!!)
  3. ok i'l have a chat with the tecies and see thanks.
  4. am i missing something or is it not available at the moment on the web? as i dont have power piont at home!!!!!!
  5. what is the problem got it second time as i clicked the wrong frog the first time!!!!!!!! :roll:
  6. read thought the other treads and seem to be little talk about it. just wanted to know if there was a way of getting some one to come and do on site training? on a set up of 24 pars and 6 movers? we are in eastbourne. is it a case of you don't do it or paying mileage? (probably sort out lunch as well !!) just interested if it was a possibility. could probably be opened to anybody else in area (depending on group size?) be interested to propose it to the powers that be!!!!!
  7. copied the phantom frog folder over to the pen drive so don't even have to install it on a computer to have access to it!!!! thanks for help
  8. thanks peter no reason i can't save a copy or phantom on to the pen drive as well? just in case i need to use it on a completely different computer? have one for the sound desk so carry it any way that is y i was asking.
  9. and the cost lol not sure the wife will let me get one !!!!! but can ask!!!! :roll: wanted an excuse to get a dual graphics card any way!!!! might have just found it!!!
  10. is it worth keeping 2 floppies of the same show ? with all the talk or broken floppies and drives don't want to loss it all just befroe a performance!!!! can you save a set up to a pen drive even thought you can not run it from there? and would you have to have phantom frog running on the computer to tracesfer the set up to floppy?
  11. i'm new to lighting , been doing p.a for a number of years but have lots of people that can do it so moving in to doing the lighting set up. they have just installed 24 pars and 6 mac 250. using a fatfrog ( because it is all new and not completly installed yet they have not given me the manual!! so just down loaded it from the site. then found phantom frog!"!!!!!! does anybody run it dual screen when trying to run the desk and monitor? is it worth doing? or you just get used to it? i have 2 computersnext to each other and could run the secound monitor thought a kvm switch but is it worth changing the graphics card to dual? as i am going to use it a lot, as getting access to the acual system is a pain due to my woring hours!!! plus i'm going to have to buy a floppy drive!!!!!
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