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  1. maybe change it to a different page that says Conventional Bump Buttons in the center of the screen I thing this feature would make this board that much more powerful for the price The brightness button would also control the mover brightness with the wheel which should not be confusing 8)
  2. can you make the brightness button when pressed disable the pallet lock feature so you can use the generic bump buttons without unlocking the pallets currently if just stays at the last attribute pressed
  3. is there any way you can type the the attribute parameters in instead of holding the left click button down and moving the mouse up or down such as selecting color attribute with mouse then type the parameter in ie color 128 i hope i explained this good enough it would make programming on the phantom frog alot faster
  4. just tried it the picture resolution of the board sucks still can't read anything
  5. Windows xp has a magnifying program in the accessability folder on the start menu mine is in start menu---programs---accessorys---accessability--magnifyer... it also helps if you use your computer on your tv
  6. Try www.Moving-lights.com And go to the download section they have a few including martin and various others it is also a great quick refrence for movers
  7. Hay The Club I Work for just bought a Leap Frog recently And 4 of the bump buttons do not work and there is also a glitch that make everything strobe..... We are going to call the distributer Monday to get another one sent to us, I think it might be just loose parts inside but I thought id put a bug in your ear just in case. We had the fat frog and loved it trying to find a new and lovig home for it... Thanks BOB
  8. So What ever happened to puting a pallet lock button this would help out live ad lib shows with out having to hold 2 buttons leaving a hand free to do other things thanks BOB
  9. when i set the (other speed) on my 918 roboscans beanshape wheel group to slow down my color scroll it affected the the blackout speed on the fixtures. the blackout button should blackout everything instantaneously and override the effect speeds correct ??? thanks Bob
  10. back to my problem the drive will only read the upgrade software it will not read or save anything else. if this is a problem with bad drives installed in the earlier boards which was said earlier to me then there should be no reason that i should have to buy a new drive one should be sent to me to replace the bad one as it is a defect Thanks BoB
  11. Could you send me one of the drives that you put into the new boards to avoid other problems and to keep my boss from saying that we bought a broken board My address is The Pageant c/o Bob Owen 6161 Delmar Ave St Louis, MO 63130 USA Thanks Bob
  12. serial number 0073301 xxxxxxxx here it is thanks yellaasian Moderation: serial number removed.
  13. cannot get drive to read cft , gft files or save & load show files. I have tried many different ways and on 2 different types of disks .. It will read osf just installed 7.5 I have had this problem since installing 6.2
  14. I would like to know if you can make the pallets lockable. I am the Lighting Director at The Pageant Nightclub in St Louis, MO USA. We have owned the Fat frog lighting desk for about 5 months now and like it alot but I do lights for alot of different types of bands and ussually dont have alot of time to program and I hear them for the first time at sound check. I use the pallets insted of progaming looks because it is alot faster to update the pallets to the show. It would make it alot easier to use the pallets live, if i could lock a certain pallet and use them more like bump buttons with out holding the attrabute button thus leaving the other had free to use the submaster bump buttons for the conventionals . This would make it a easier and better spontanious board. thanks BOB
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