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  1. I would like to see some topics like: Support of RDM over Network with Artnet Nodes !? Recomanced Network Switches Example configs for typical network setups with nodes an visualizer On LED setups you need syncronisation of outputs. used with software like madrix.
  2. I think you must patch 6 Fixtures for it if you want control each two pixel individualy. In 36ch mode you have 6 channels for controling two pixel. So you have to patch 6 fixtures with 6 DMX channels each fixture. The FLX doesn't support more than von RGB(W, A, UV) attribute per fixture.
  3. Erics


    If have just try to connect my FLX S48 running Artnet enabled with ZerOS 7.9.6 and my PC with ArtNetominator. I can't see any packets in the Software. The desk is sending dmx data on the second universe in the dmx monitor. I see 16 Nodes in the ArtNetominator Software with the locale IP of the FLX. And the FLX shows me under Network Overview: Artnet 4 - 1 device connected. So it seems that there is a data transfer. But i don't know if it's a bug of the PC software or if its a problem on FLX side. Edit: I opened Cpture on the PC and there you can see the Artnet Data comming in from the FLX. So it seems to be a bug on the ArtNetominator Software.
  4. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.6 gets slow

    Hi Jon, I have made some test on friday and saturday. But i was unable to reproduce the slow down. So i have not upgraded to the beta. This week i have some more time for testing. I hope i get a workaround ro repeat the error and can see if upgrading will fix it.
  5. High - Support for Fixtures with sub-fixtures for multi RGB(AW) or only multi dimmer channel (for easy handling, creating effekts, need less faders) Medium - Free assignable soft button page for cues or cuelist with assigneable button behavier like flash, toggle, flash + go + release. So you can can programm effekts like strobe, fog, colour flash to it without spending much faders and you can name them easy. Page should be assignable to internal or external touch screen - RDM controls to see RDM parameter from devices and send rdm commands to them Low - usb midi control for FLX S range - customized (dmx) output screen, to see what happening and for easy programming without fixtures connect. with simulation of LED colours and dimmer values
  6. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.6 gets slow

    Hi Jon, I can test the beta software release. Until now i havn't reproduced the issue. But i only made some simple programmings with the FLX on the weekend. Good to hear that you have found something so fast. I hope to report back until the end of the week.
  7. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.6 gets slow

    I have taken a video from the effekt. This is a screenshot from the video. I have not tried to look up the system information text. After a reboot the FLX works normal. I will try to recrate it. Perhaps i can find some more helpful information.
  8. I have just teste the new ZeroOs 7.9.6 on my FLX S48. I created a new show, patched only two moving heads. I have nothing recorded. I only played with the programmer. After a break of 20 minutes the desk do respond very slow. When i hit clear to deselect everything it takes some seconds to clear the programmer. When i change fader pages you can see the LEDs take some time. It is possible to get both LEDs on... Yeah i have got a thrid Page 😉 I dont't know whats going on. But it seems that the hole desk is busy with something. But there is nothing running. No cue list... no effect...
  9. You can only have one Show on an FLX S. If have to choosen over different shows you have to use a usb memory stick. I have just a little USB stick that can be always connected in the desk. So it is always ready. From time to time you should make a backup from it.
  10. Thanks for the information. It should work on GrandMA3, but i have no one to test. General it's a good way when there is one format for all lightning and visualisation wich can be used free of charge. So it's good that the global players will support that.
  11. Since Zero88 is shown as manufactor on https://gdtf-share.com/ when do we get GDTF File Support for the FLX Range?
  12. Hi Olly, I think that depends on the default fixtures values. In the normal fixture profiles it is programmend that all RGB Values are @ 100%. So when you select a fixture with a fader it will light up white when you moves the fader up. So the normal oparator do not have to select a color when he wants only light on stage. I don't like this behaver, so it is good that i can change the default values on the FLX S desks with ZerOs 7.9.5 now.
  13. Bug fixing in a year... would be great 😉
  14. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Hi Edward, since the last survey about pixelmapping i can see the beta part of this forum. But i'm not an official beta tester. I have only one desk. And that should be working when i am on tour. So it would be difficult to change back and force the ZerOS. I think i would be also a problem with the show files to when they would be changed with a newer version of ZerOS. So i don't understand why i have to wait over one year for a bug fixing. There should be a patch after a month for the ZerOS if there are known bugs that can crash the desk. If there a known problems, they have to be fixed fast. If anyone who wants bugfixing has to be a beta tester, you could skip this an release the ZerOS direcly. New features should be released when they are ready and tested. For me would be using "composite fixtures" a big advance. But i know that it is difficult to integrate, there is no compatibilty with old fixtures and files any more. The other advantage would be a only button desk for "disco" jobs or a way of free configurable flash buttons for the external touch. I would build it by my own if i had a way to send the information to the desk. But for the FLX S48 there is no easy solution. Since it has no midi, i must use usb or ethernet for connection.
  15. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    I thought the development would be faster. The ZerOS 7.9.4 was released on March 19, 2018. I have submitted Bugs. And there isn't a Bugfix Release since than. I think it should be possible to release an update with Bugfixing every quarter of the year. No one gives you a real timeline. No one knowes what will be on the list. I think it's a shame that everyone is talking about features on and on.. and nothing happens over years. I have now many fixtures with many LED Pixels and more than one dimmer channel. And you found things like this for less money in many ways. It is not possible to change defaults... i hve to use a pc software for that... And the resolution of the PC software is bad... you can not use this in the way it should be... I thought this lighting desk would be a good solution. But after a year... i think i will sell it and by a GrandMa or ChamSys solution. That can handle fixtures that are on the market for many years. The FLX has some nice features. But for an "easy" solution for everyone, there are so many little problems... and no one can say when they where changed.
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