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  1. Erics

    Button Wing for FLX S?

    It looks good i think. I thought about buying a S24 too. In the Moment i have the S48 wich works with my old touchscreen. Normaly 24 faders would be enough for my disco jobs. But if i have to spend a whole fader for every effekt flash 24 are gone fast. So i bought the bigger one. Great where a small button row wich could be added with USB on the top with 12 or more buttons. The FLX had seperate buttons for each page. It also hat switch button inputs at the back. I could build the buttons by my own, but if i have no possibility to connect that doesn't help.
  2. Erics

    Button Wing for FLX S?

    Thanks for your reply Jon. I think palettes are okay for color and gobo. But for effects real buttons are the way to go. I have some vertikal fog machines, there you could programm fog with LED colour on one button. So you need a button for each colour to flash it fast. Perhaps a custum button panel with flash fuction in the mobile app would also help. so you could use a tablet as extension.
  3. Are there any plans to get only a button wing as extension for FLX (S) serie? I often use buttons for effekts, color and gobo cues, smoke machines... where i don't need any intensity. So i don't want to waste desk space for faders. I know that i can use a ZerOs Wing or an Enttec Playback Wing. Would be an Enttec Shortcut Wing also possible?
  4. Thanks Edward for your knowledgebase entry. I think it is helpfull. And i used the your knowledgebase befor to find out hints for an external monitor etc. We will see if its indexed bei google.
  5. Changing from "Latch" to " "Go Snap" made the strobe value controllable. But to press clear plus button is not a realy good solution. So my first decision to use latch was normaly the right choise to have a toggle. It would be good to have some explanation of the button states in the manual. if you search for latch you find only the option to choose. Searching with google wasn't helpful too. So that it overides the fader value is an important hint.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will try that later. So it would be good to have a button state "toggle On/off". Since i offen have something that i want to turn on with on press and turn it off with pressing aggain. On my other desk i can choose different states for the buttons: Go: Starts the cuelist if not running, go to the next cue Pause/back: paused the cuelist, if pressed aggain it goes a step back Flash: Sets the Fader Value to Flash Level (normaly 100%, Flash Leve could be adjusted for each cuelist) Flash + Go: Sets the Fader Value to Flash Level and starts the cuelist Flash + Release: Sets the Fader Value to Flash Level and stops the cuelist Flash + Go + Release: Sets the Fader Value to Flash Level, starts the cuelist while pressing and release the cuelist while the button is released Toggle on/off: Starts the cuelist with the first press and released the cuelist with the next press Skip+: jump to the next cue without fade times Skip-: jumps back a cue without fade times
  7. I tried to set the Strobe Value of my LED Spots with a fader. For that i recorded only the Strobe Value of 255 to an playback fader. With the setup button i set the fader to control the Beamshape parameter and set the button to latch. Under Raise and Lower i disabled trigger on raise and release on Lower. Now i want to set the fader to my strobe level and switch it on and off with the button. But that does not work as i expected. Is there a way to get this working?
  8. Erics

    Default and Max Level on FLX S?

    Hi Edward, Thanks for your reply. The posibility to use ZerOS to emulate a normal FLX is a workaround. Normaly i bought my FLX S48 to have a programming solution wich do not need a PC at the event. Perhaps it would be a possibility to use the update button together with the flash button of a fixture or the Z button together with the update button to get the option to update the home position for the selected and changed fixtures.
  9. I looked the video tips for the FLX lighning desk. FLX Advent Calendar - Day 24 - Default & Max Level: https://youtu.be/bnX77Z9ocZw Is this also possible on the FLX S series? I don't find anything about it in the manual. There is no home button. But perhaps it could be possible to set these values without it.
  10. Erics

    Show Fixture Colour in Fader View

    Thanks Edward for your response. I know the colour fader @ the colour picker. That helps while programming colours. But in the moment you have no window wich shows your utput color for your fixtures. I have know connected an acer T231H touch monitor to the FLX48. And while you are programming you see the values for each fixture parameter. When you use the playpacks and the "multi function Faders" view you could only see the intensity for each fixture. It would be cool if you could also see the colour per fixture or you have an "output" view with values like while you are programming. I think it's difficult to see if you have programmend the right values and if you have touched the right parameters of your fixtures. The next enhancement would be if you could delete single cues from a cuelist with delete and press the Q # on the touch screen. Now you could only do this with the Z button. And than you have to recognized the right number. Since it is easy to delete a hole playback this way would be also very fast i think. Naming Playback Faders with setup and "Advanced" Tab has take me some time. I had read the part in the manual a vie times since i recognized that i have to tab the Advanced button to see the name input. For me this would be a general parameter. I named instead the first cue of the playback and thought that would be displayed perhaps.
  11. I'm joust bought a FLX 48 and now i programm some chasers with LED fixtures. Is there any view wich shows me the LED colour of the output? In the fader view you can see the intensity, perhaps it would be nice to have the colour integrated too.
  12. Erics

    Support Lumenradio CRMX Nova TX USB

    Ok, thanks for the fast response.
  13. Is it possible to support the Lumenradio CRM Nova TX USB on an FLX S24 or S48? https://lumenradio.com/product/crmx-nova-tx-usb/ It would be a nice option to have Wireless DMX enabled for small events by connecting it with USB. So you don't need another big transmitter with power supply.

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