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  1. ZerOS Front Panel looks for me unreadable too 🙂 https://zero88.com/forum/topic/8312-gui-graphical-user-interface-phantomos/
  2. Erics

    GUI (graphical user interface) PhantomOs

    No one interessted in a optomized GUI? ETC has just released a PC Offline Software for their Color Source Desk series. I have tested the Color Source 40 Version. It's a single window design. But works good on a FullHD display.
  3. If you have only dimmer channels you can patch any dimmer to a playback fader with a 100% intensity value as one Cue. Than you can mix it with HTP. And the playback will be released if you put the fader to 0%. (Depending of your fader settings).
  4. Thanks Edward, It's not a big problem. But when you try to test some RDM devices and you don't know if it's a problem of the FLX or the lamp than you don't know what is going wrong.
  5. That is what i have done. But the manually deleted fixtures were not discovered. You have to restart the desk to get them in. Turn off and on of the fixtures did not helped.
  6. i contacted the Astera support today. The problem was know since the last Friday. Today the released an update. Firmware V5.7.91 for the AX5 resolved the problem "AX5 stops responding on XLR DMX if RDM is used for a while" Now the AX5 RDM fixture profile works with the FLS S48. You could switch between the AX5 personalities in the desk. All profiles where assigned right and in sync. But there are some problems that i have seen: - When you select and delete RDM Fixtures from the desk you can't discover them again. You have to restart the FLX. - When you had the fixtures selected with the fader, than delete all of them in the setup, the clear LED is on and can't be switch of by pressing clear. You have to patch a fixture to get it to set to off.
  7. Hallo Martino, Auf dem FLX S48 weist du den GRANDMASTER einem leeren Playback Fader zu. (Setup gedrückt halten und Fader Button anklicken) Dann hast du über den Touch diem möglichkeit Grandmaster auszuwählen. Bestätigen und fertig. Der Grandmaster regelt die Helligkeit von normalerweise allem was an Lampen da ist. Willst du einen Chase programmiere wälst du deine Lampen an, stellst z.B. die Farbe ein für den ersten Schritt. Dann drückst du Record und eine leeren Playback Fader Knopf. Dann änderst du die Farbe, drückst wieder Record und drückst den Knopf erneut. Dann wirst du gefragt ob du einen neuen Cue oder eine Chaser erstellen willst im TouchScreen. Hier kannst du einfach Chaser auswählen und schon hast du den zweiten Schritt. Jetzt gibt es eventuell noch eine Meldung das du den Fader hochziehen must vom Fader. Jetzt kannst du wieder die Farbe ändern und den nächsten Schritt speichern, solange bis du fertig bist. Abspielen geht dann über das hochziehen des Faders. Mit dem Button kannst du im Standard die geschwindigkeit vom Chaser aändern. Und über den Grandmasterfader auch die gesamte Helligkeit von allen gerade laufenden chasern wenn du mehre hast. Du kannst aber auch erstmal Cues speichern und die Cueliste später in einen Chaser umwandeln. Dafür Setup gedrückt halten und den Button unter dem Fader der Cueliste / chaser drücken.
  8. Okay, it seams that the AX5 Software isn't stable too. After a while the FLX S48 says that the AX5 Lamp is not recognized any more. And the Lamp did not react to DMX. The MARTIN Rush PAR 3 in the DMX Chain works fine,. I have to switch on and of the AX5 to work aggain. So I will contact the ASTERA support for help.
  9. Thanks Edward, I have received the file. In the moment i do some RDM Test. But it seems that there are some Bugs in ZeroOS 7.9.4 with RDM. My Desk was regonizing Lamps that are not connected every power on. I deleted tham in the setup and saved the show. After reboot the lamps are back in the show and rigSync showed tham with error. I had to make a coplete factory reset to kill them. The next error is that it is not possible to discover the AX5 after deleting them from patch. Wehen i power on the desk the new fixture profile AX5 RDM was detected and my lamp with right dmx adress is in the patch. I can than leave setup and control the LED Lamp. Than i go into setup and delete the Lamp. Than i try to discover it. But the Lamp do not show up. I switch the cable to my dmx tester. There discovery works. I wanted to test every DMX personality from the AX5, but it seems not to be possible with the desk in the moment. To get the Lamp get the right fixture profile it is important to have the fixture profile load before you have connected the lamp. Otherwise the desk created it own profile "Astera LED" wich can't be deleted.
  10. Thanks Edward, I have send the information to the fixture support. But i would be good if the problem in the fixture type editor would be solved. In the moment i try to buy only new fixtures with RDM support. But in the moment it is not so easy to get informations wich fixture really supports RDM. And the RDM Data like Personality IDs is often not recognized in the manual. It would also help if the manual of the fixture editor would be updatet to give some more infomations about RDM Data Input.
  11. I wanted to upgrade the ASTERA AX5 Files from the Libary with RDM Data. so i imported the AX5 Files from the Libary and tried to set the RDM Parameter. ESTA Manufacturer ID is 4174, RDM Device Model ID is 2501 Than i enabled the checkbox RDM Personality ID. I have looked up the personality IDs for the Profiles. RGBAW S for example is personality 10 of 16. So i set the Personality ID to 10. When i reopened the profile Data the ID is changend to 16. So it seems that there is a bug in the Personality ID Dialoge. I tried to set it to A too for hexadecimal. but you can only enter numbers.
  12. Erics

    Show Fixture RDM Data

    For creating the fixture profile in the Fixture Type Editor i need to know RDM Device Information. But if the FLX is detecting new fixtures with RDM i have no way to view the RDM data. I must connect my RDM DMX tester to get the information out. So there should be a simple way to show the normal RDM Data of each fixture. The best way would be if you can export it and import it directly in the fixture type editor.
  13. Are there any plans to optimize the GUI of the PhantomOs? I use it in the moment to edit my FLX S Show Files. And i think the caption of the buttons are not realy good. It's hard to read on windows. Since you must use a window for the internal touch and the external touch to read the values, the internat display on the fader desk view takes screen size but brings not realy help. So it would be better if could arange the windows and buttons so, that i can read the values and take control. So a few arrangements would make the GUI more useable. In the moment i alwyas switch between the windows back and force to control and see the values. Normal it should be possibe to arrange the windows on a full HD Display so, that i have all control over all.
  14. Erics

    Timecode with ARTNET?

    Thanks Jon Hole. I think that will be step in the right way, since it is easy to distribute signals over network.
  15. Erics

    Timecode with ARTNET?

    Since any FLX Desk has a network port it would be nice if the FLX would support Timecode not only with MIDI. I would like to see the FLX as Master with internal Timecode generator and send the Timecode as Output with Artnet. Also as Slave who receive Timecode with Artnet. So it would be possible to use Timecode on the the S24 and S48 too. In the moment i use a GLP Console with internal Timecode generator to sync the Cues and trigger the Musik with an DMX Mp3 player. So the first Cuelist starts the DMX Player when the Timcode starts. After that all cuelist would be triggered by the internal generator. I do that because the whole show would be recorded on a dmx recorder and should work standalone. On the FLX it seemed to be that i must have always a external generator for timecode.

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