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  1. Try update to 7.9.7. That should fix that problem.
  2. Okay, do you use ZerOS version 7.9.7 ? Have you tried to dissable RDM support / “RigSync”? It could be a problem with the DMX Transmission Feature: FLX & FLX S now include the option to transmit DMX as “Continuous” or “Delta” data I had some isues with "Delta" Mode. I would recomanced to use Continuous mode since some fixtures don't like the delta mode when there is no dmx change in the data.
  3. Check the connection. Check the DMX output, the desk has two wich could be indepent. Check you have patched them to the right universe. Look in the DMX Output window if the right dmx values where changend when you mopve the fixture faders up.
  4. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.7 Released

    No, it doesn't. They are working on a new fixture library that will support that in the future. Since i have no longer time to wait for this feature i bought a chamsys mini pc wing and wait now for the MQ70 to be delivered. I have some Astera FP1 Pixeltubes that have 16 pixel each. And it can't be handelt on my FLX S48. I like the FLX. Some things are nice and easy. But it's a pain that it's not possibel to control some multi fixture lamps out of the box. I have only a smal astera LED Setup for weddings with some AX3, 6 x AX5 and up to 6 FP1 tubes. And that should be possible wit a smal light desk. I also have some involight blinder bars with 10 warm white LEDs (LEDBAR FX103) and RGB backround control. When i patch 8 of these Bars my FLX S48 is full 😞 The infinity chimp lightning desk hat a same problem. They have now changed there fixture limit to unlimited, since they have there multi head fixture library not ready.
  5. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.7 Released

    That is included in the update file.
  6. You need a unlockdongle to output Artnet from pantom Os to the visualizer. Without the dongle you can't get DMX vaules out of the zerro software. But you can use chamsys software with the magic Viz for one universe for free.
  7. It could be a problem with the DMX Transmission Feature: FLX & FLX S now include the option to transmit DMX as “Continuous” or “Delta” data I had some isues with "Delta" Mode. I would recomanced to use Continuous mode since some fixtures don't like the delta mode when there is no dmx change in the data.
  8. Check the DMX Output Window, witch values are send to the spots. Try to switch the dmx adresses of spot one and spot two and see if the error switch with your adress change. if the same spot is strobing, its a lamp / mode problem. If the error is than one spot one, it could be a patch or flx problem. So you can see if it's the lamp , the desk, or the patching in the flx.
  9. Erics

    Custom fixture

    If you want to control each LED Par with full color picker support you need so patch it as seprate fixtures. The first fixture for the global dimmer, 4 fixtures for the RGB LEDs and 1 for the strobe on channel 14. Perhaps it's useful ro use RGB with virtual dimmer. In the moment the ZerOS don't support subfixture. There will be a new library in the future... Until than you have to patch each RGB(WA) Light as own fixture. Than you could use the effects as well.
  10. I have bought a FLX S48 to control my small Astera led setup with 2 x AX3, 4 x AX5 and 6 x Astera FP1 Pixel Tubes (up to 16 LED Pixel each). And after trying several things i now ordered the new chamsys MQ70. It has 24 universes and can work with subfixtures and do easy led pixelmapping. I thought about upgrading to a normal FLX, but since you have to handel 16 faders for one tube... that's not useful of working with such lights. No one will do a manual fade for each pixel. There must be better way of using this lights on ZerOS if you want to work fast. You need to do this with grouping. And the next thing is patching a lot of each idividual pixel is a problem when you have to change the dmx adresses. Some things are realy easy to do on a FLX. And there are not so many options to customize like in chamsys wich make it easy to start. But i can't recomanced it when you workign with fixtures like sunstripes or led pixel bars.
  11. Thank you. I like it ans will test it on my FLX S48.
  12. I would like to see some topics like: Support of RDM over Network with Artnet Nodes !? Recomanced Network Switches Example configs for typical network setups with nodes an visualizer On LED setups you need syncronisation of outputs. used with software like madrix.
  13. I think you must patch 6 Fixtures for it if you want control each two pixel individualy. In 36ch mode you have 6 channels for controling two pixel. So you have to patch 6 fixtures with 6 DMX channels each fixture. The FLX doesn't support more than von RGB(W, A, UV) attribute per fixture.
  14. Erics


    If have just try to connect my FLX S48 running Artnet enabled with ZerOS 7.9.6 and my PC with ArtNetominator. I can't see any packets in the Software. The desk is sending dmx data on the second universe in the dmx monitor. I see 16 Nodes in the ArtNetominator Software with the locale IP of the FLX. And the FLX shows me under Network Overview: Artnet 4 - 1 device connected. So it seems that there is a data transfer. But i don't know if it's a bug of the PC software or if its a problem on FLX side. Edit: I opened Cpture on the PC and there you can see the Artnet Data comming in from the FLX. So it seems to be a bug on the ArtNetominator Software.
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