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  1. Thanks guys i found a thread which alluded to that so i tried it and it works something to remember for the future i suppose. Really like some of the effects that have been added could have used them in our last show. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Jon I am trying to update my college's FLXS 48 to 7.9.5 from 7.9.4 when i load the software it tells me that there is no file to upgrade to? i have downloaded it from work and from home and have got the same response each time. any ideas? thanks Steve
  3. Hi Edward Just updated the desk and the App now works perfectly thank you so much for your help. Steve
  4. Cheers for that i will let you know how i get on. Steve
  5. Hi Edward we have managed to get it working although the App doesn't quite work as it should displays only in landscape if the phone or ipad rotates it crashes, i will update the software as it isn't running the latest version 7.9.4. which mentions a fix in the release notes. before i update this could you confirm for me if i save a show will this record all my fixtures etc allowing me to reload them after the update. The manual says this but i am concerned about loosing my fixtures and having to reprogram them in again. Thanks Steve
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