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  1. HI I have just purchased 6 Chauvet Colorado Zooms. My issue is when ever I push up a fader with memory on it the fixture snaps on at about 20percent and then fades up to full eg Red 100% Blue100% Green 100% White100% and then falls back to its programmed colour say Straw. When I pull the fader down the last 20% the fixture snaps off. You told me how to remedy this on your course but am afraid I've forgotten. Pete
  2. Hi Can i fit a 2nd universe myself is it straight forward if I can or does it have to go back to zero88 how much does it cost.
  3. Hi have noticed that the latest upgrade is v7.9.7. I have missed 3 upgrades. I am on v7.9.4., for some reason. Is it safe to just upgrade straight to the latest release.
  4. Need a dummies guide to fix this please
  5. No fade up or down on encoder wheels either
  6. No fade times showing on master play back except cue one. So everything is a snap. Default fade times are 3 secs. Have rebooted board several times Pete
  7. Sorted Ed it was a trigger problem. It works OK when release on down is enabled
  8. Hi I have 4 Robe colorspot 250at along front of stage. I have on playback 1 a chase each fixture following on from the other 1234. On playback 2 I have another chase this time the four split in 2 pairs 12.but when I put playback 1 up and it starts running OK. Then I put playback 2 up which should be different to playback 1, it mirrors playback 1 and then I can't get playback 2 back although when you view the playback on the screen it's showing the 2 steps. Hope that makes sense. Tech tomorrow evening
  9. Flx s48 In the cue stack am wanting to leave a gap to insert fade out tab warmers and then fade out when ive got time after rehearsal. So I'm on cue 25 so the after the 3 cues my next cue will be cue cue 28. How do i achieve this?
  10. I am attempting to link my FLX 48 to my PC in order to use the free Club Capture show file. I have tried with a crossover cable and fixed IP addressing on the PC and the board set at I have also attempted the same as above but with a network switch using CAT 5 cable. Also, a router on the same range DHCP but to no avail. Is there something else I am missing out here or can anyone point me in the right direction? Rang helpline the other day, they said it wasn't pinging because of no default gateway but the router should become the default gatewa
  11. Yeah I mean the cue stack fader so that when you push it up it doesn't keep going to cue 1
  12. Before I leave you alone please can you remind me how to make the cue stack fader behave differently. I remember you going over it at the course but failed to write it down Pete
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