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  1. Thanks again, Edward. The reminder of the tips and tricks link appreciated together with the smart tag. Just a quicky "Naming Playbacks" is in the manual under "Playback Settings window" but I can't spot it?
  2. Thanks Edward. It would be good to have a guide for these sorts of things. e.g. the other day I couldn't remember how to record existing playbacks into a cue (hold down record and use snapshot, though how fixture tagging works in this scenario.......)
  3. How or is it possible to set the fade downtime of a single intensity cue when operated with the fader? e.g. House light dimmer fade in and fade out set to 3sec's All the settings I've tried result in the fade out time is in sync with the fader operation. Thanks
  4. Hi Edward, For the public record, it turned out to be a problem with the artnet polling handshake. Tried using my latest SmartNet NetDMX unit with ver1.30 firmware and this managed to handshake. Bobby from SmartShow.lighting supplied me with the latest firmware file within a minute of a request and I was able to load this into the older SmartShow NetDMX device excellent service. So if anyone wants to use a SmartShow NetDMX device with a FLX S then Version 1.30 of the firmware is advisable. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Edward, I've now done a bit of analysing using WireShark with the desk transmitting artnet. Its broadcasting valid channel data on the correct universe, subnet etc. to but I don't seem to be able to get it to handshake with my Smartshow or ArtNetominator so time to give up.
  6. Hi Edward, Yes to the network topography. To prove things out I have uplinked the network switch to a TP router to provide DHCP. Enabled DHCP and sACN on the desk and tested the remote app device control from a wireless phone link to the router. The network overview shows an ip and an active remote connection when under control of the remote app. Unfortunately, the first line of the sACN readout is corrupted but shows a green tick and ends with 88FFDB7771001 the second line 'DMX 1Live, Univese1, Priority:100, Source name FlX S48 Universe 1' The Smartshow is reconfigure
  7. Thanks Edward, the DMX ports problem is awaiting an email response from support, looks like there may be a problem were the 2.5v data signal is biased at +1v (rather than the +/- of other drivers) and the older zero88 kits not happy after six months working okay. Couldn't find the Z/shift "System info" as I had not turned off the system help after a full reset. So unable to find the IP address range the desk had decided on. After turning off Help I can see the System Info and my problem. Alas setting the SmartShow interface for both an ip in range of the desk "
  8. I have an FLXS48 that's about to become an expensive brick as the DMX outputs are unable to drive local theatres Install 6 house dimmer pack or zero88 demux after only six months use. I normally use ArtNet "SmartShow NetDMX II" interfaces with phones and tablets when focusing and thought I'd try one as these can drive the house kit. So test set up on a TP Link dumb switch. The Interface config ********** SmartShow NetDMX ********** Firmware v1.17 - SerialNo 4396 *********** DEVICE SETTINGS ********** MAC Address CA:EF:FF:1E:11:2C Device IP SubNetMas
  9. Thanks Edward, this was enough to get my main attributes on one page.
  10. How do you edit a fixtures Wheel groups so they will appear on the encoder wheels when say beamshape is selected on an FLX screen. I get strobe and reset as my first 2 rather than Gobo6 Gobo8? Thanks Paul
  11. Thanks Edward, that would possibly explain the delay is there a way to indicate to the user that the clear button has been pressed please?
  12. I recently did some programming in anger for a touring play the other day and was reminded of the problem with pressing/activating the "Clear" button being horribly hit and miss. Counted seven seconds at one point between tapping and the LED. Any news on a next software update that was to sort this problem please?
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