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  1. Hi Edward, just to make my discoveries complete here: My ArtNet module stopped receiving ArtPoll packets after one minute. That was most likely because the DHCP lease time of the AP was due and the AP maybe cleared its ARP cache for that device . Therefore my device stopped sending ArtPollReply packets and the FLX console removed it after a few seconds from the devices list. Two minutes later the connection suddenly comes back without doing anything. Short before the connection came back I saw in Wireshark my device sending a "gratuitous ARP" packet, which seems to make the conn
  2. Hi together, today I managed to fix the problem. It was neither the FLX console nor my Artnet device. It was the Access point in between (TP-Link TL-WR802N). For some unknown reason the DHCP lease time was set to one minute, which is of course very short and shouldn't be that short. Setting it to a more reasonable time (like 120 minutes, which is the default) solved the problem. Just wanted to let you know if you may run into similar problems... Martin
  3. Hi Edward, that's a good point. Thank you for mentioning that. I haven't checked if RDM is enabled or not. Next time I am at the desk I will disable it to check, as I am not using it right now. Thanks, Martin
  4. Hi Edward and all others, I hope you all are doing well in these times... I did a little further investigations in improving my program this weekend. I was able to improve it to not crash anymore, but there are still some things to do. Interestingly, when I start the program, it will work for exactly one minute, then stop to receive UDP packets for two minutes and then return to normal order. I am not sure if the behaviour is caused by my Arduino sketch (with many libraries included, where I have no insight), or the FLX console I am using to test. The strange thing is: At ho
  5. Hi Edward, my device IS programmed to send ArtPollReply packets to every ArtPoll packet. But for mysterious reasons it stops doing that after some time. Therefore I want to know if there is something going on on the network which I cannot see with Wireshark. Cheers, Martin
  6. Thanks Edward, that would be very nice. I don't see the ArtDMX Packets, as the FLX seems to send them unicast and they are not routed to my Wireshark device. But I can see the ArtPoll and ArtPollReply packets every ~3 seconds. At some time my device stops replying to the ArtPoll packets, and some seconds later it gets removed from the FLX. Thats the problem. I want to find out why this happens. As written in the first post, I am trying to build one myself with an ESP8266. The failure could be easily on my side, but I want to clarify this. Very sad, but maybe necessary ;
  7. One question in the round: Is anyone able to provide me a Wireshark capture file of a working ArtNet communication including unicast packets? I am having the problem that my Wireshark captures only show the broadcast packets, which are fine in my opinion. There must be some other thing going wrong here, because my ArtNet device keeps resetting after some minutes, sometimes seconds... Thankfully , our show has been cancelled due to that damn virus , so I have some more time to find out... Thanks, Martin
  8. Thanks Kevin for the explanation. This makes it more clear whats happening. I just have to recall it next time when I program a new show. For this season its almost in the box and just needs a little of refinement. Martin
  9. Thanks for all of your inputs, I have managed to get rid of the problems thanks to your inputs. Now I have a fader controlling the intensity and one other controlling the burn height of my torch. That's very fine. Somehow my firmware on the ESP8266 keeps crashing after some time of ArtNet reception, but this is my very own problem. I also solved the problem where my lights were tracking throughout the plot. I saved some kind of rainbow effect which was heavily tracking throughout the plot. I could get rid of it today, but do not really understand why. Intensity of the lights was set
  10. Sorry for not giving any feedback for a long time. Rehearsals are taking more of my time by correcting bugs I introduced by tracking. Hope I can do some more tests in the weekend. Martin
  11. Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I will try tomorrow evening when I have access to the desk, Martin
  12. Hi, I have built a Artnet controlled LED torch for our upcoming production. At the moment it is controlled by 8 DMX channels sent over Artnet to an ESP8266. If someone is interested: https://github.com/martin-144/ArtNetLed My problem is now that I have a DMX channel which controls the burn height of the flame on my torch. I would like to have a fader to control this single channel, which is at the moment located in the Beamshape section of my fixture definition. Could someone point me how to achieve this behaviour using the FLX? I have attached my fixture definition file to
  13. Hi, sorry for always hijacking Artnet threads like this, but my other hijacked thread was closed due to the forum restructuring Anyway it is only a short question: Does FLX (or ZerOS) start Artnet numbering at universe 0 or universe 1? Thats all, Martin
  14. Hi Edward, thanks for the link. This will help. Is there any chance to try this out with Phantom without having to purchase any license? Haven't tried yet, just asking. Martin
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