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  1. martin-144

    Fixture library

    glad I could help...
  2. martin-144

    Fixture library

    Hi Steve, for 4 and 6 channel mode you should be able to use the built-in generic fixtures. Generic Fixtures - LED Unit 4ch (RGB W) or 6ch (D RGB W A) whereas amber would work as your strobe channel. Martin
  3. martin-144

    Adjusting External Monitor Resolution

    Just to add my question here: What is the maximum supported screen resolution for the FLX? I am looking for a touch monitor to buy and don't want to "overshoot". Thanks, Martin
  4. martin-144

    S24 Editing on the fly

    Do you want to make the changes "blind" or "live"? In a theater environment and during rehearsals I assume live. After doing your changes you can just press UPD and GO to have the current cue updated with the new state. Don't forget to clear your programmer afterwards 🙂 Martin
  5. martin-144

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi Jon, actually I just want to see which cue I'm in, and maybe the next/previous one. Having the functionality in Z Remote would also be fine. Thanks for your efforts, Martin
  6. martin-144

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi, why not tell my wishes right now, as its maybe easier to implement in an earlier stage. The problem in our house is that we dont have a FOH lighting place. We do it from behind the scenes using a monitor to see whats going on on the stage. This is ok for playback, but for rehearsals I like to be in front of the stage to see what the lighting actually looks like. For now what I found out, I would have to use Z Monitor on a tablet to have the cue list in front of me, and on the other hand running Z Remote on my mobile to have a go/pause/back button. Would it be possible to implement a page in Z Monitor, where you have a cue list and the mentioned go/pause/back buttons. Then using only one device would make rehearsals much easier. Thanks, Martin
  7. martin-144

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi, just to confirm: The beta version works as expected. I may have wishes for some additional functions, but I will come back to this after the season. Thanks so far, Martin
  8. martin-144

    Mood boards / random

    Hi Jon, in a Youtube video from Prolight + Sound 2015 you are demonstrating a random function for the mood boards. I think this idea is really interesting to quickly check out some stage looks. But it seems to have to be removed from the current software. Or has it been moved somewhere and I missed it? Martin
  9. martin-144

    Remote Android App not connecting

    Hi keredyelesob, I had a similar problem recently. In my case it turned out that the console had the same IP address as the access point connected to it. Which shouldn't happen when using DHCP. But who knows? Just an idea... Martin
  10. martin-144

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi Jon, I had a bit of a hard time to find out how to activate 'early access' in Google Play, but somehow I managed to do it. It looks better now, at least the connection dialog appears on the screen. At the moment I don't have physical access to the desk, but I will try later this week. I'll report back if it works or not. Thanks so far, Martin
  11. martin-144

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi Jon, thanks for your reply, but I dont see any beta version in Google Play. Do I have to do something special to be able to see it? Martin
  12. martin-144

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi, I tried to use your mobile apps on a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet. Regardless if I install an .apk or from Google Play, the only thing I get is the "Z" Logo. I tried using Zeros Remote and Zeros Monitor. Same for both, but either orange or green :-). Any Hints? Martin
  13. martin-144

    Point cue numbering / display

    Hi, interesting approach to that. As I am mainly doing theatre, I used to use the point cues to depict my scenes. And there could be some scenes with over ten cues. So this would look a little bit weird to an operator who has to do the show. But I think we can come along with that. So we could have the following cue stack: ... 1.08 1.09 1.1 1.11 1.12 ... which looks a little bit strange... As I understood, the point cues are limited to 99, so why not always have two decimals after the delimiter? Martin
  14. martin-144

    Point cue numbering / display

    Today I found an oddity when recording point cues. For example I record a cue 1.9 - everything is fine. Then I record a cue 1.10, which is displayed in the cue list as 1.1. When I later try to record a cue 1.1, it warns me that cue 1.10 already exists. Strange. It seems that cues with .10 .20 .30 and so on are treated as if the trailing zero doesnt exist. Any ideas? Martin
  15. Hi, today I tested the fixture included in the library for the ADJ 5P HEX. 7 channel mode seems ok, in 8 channel mode intensity and strobe seems to be swapped. I didn't test the other modes. Martin

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