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  1. martin-144


    Hi Edward, thanks for the link. This will help. Is there any chance to try this out with Phantom without having to purchase any license? Haven't tried yet, just asking. Martin
  2. martin-144


    Hi Edward, there is a question coming up from my side, not having realised that this kind of behaviour exists. I am just in the process of building an ART-Net device, which at the moment just acts as a listener. This works fine with the "Aurora DMX" software on my Android tablet. I haven't tried on the FLX. If I would like to have this device controlled from my FLX, would this mean I have to send a ART-Net subscribe packet first? And how would it look like? Please point me to some place where this is described. Thanks, Martin
  3. Hi Hans, I think you misunderstood. We are doing 2 shows per year, with 4-5 performances per week. If you want further information, please contact me per PM. And yes, we use *Shure* Mics. Thanks, Martin
  4. That is not true, hansreinhard. I am located in Starnberg and also use FLX. Good to know there's one around... And just to complete the rest of the questions: 1 / You're form which country? Germany, Starnberg 2 / How long have you been using the FLX ? 2 years now 3 / Your configuration? FLX Alone? FLX + Wings? FLX + Touchscreen, etc? FLX + Touchscreen 4 / In what type of use? Show ? Theater ? other ? Theatre, 200 pax, 2 shows per year 5 / What kind of show? Dance? Comedy? Music? Other? Theatre, adults and children 6 / What kind of projectors and matériel do you use? Lots of fresnels, adding some LED for FX, 1 MH 7 / FLX Is it use in one place ? or Fly case because it is mobile? Stationary for time of play 8 / How many uses per week? 4-5, but not all year 9 / Do you know of other FLX users around you? Until hansreinhard posted, no. 10 / Have you had any worries? Resolved quickly? Continoulsy saving houselight into cues... Regards, Martin
  5. Hello, I attached a picture to illustrate how it look like on my mobile phone. The sliders' position is almost not visible. Martin
  6. I agree to that. When programming at the end of the cue stack, the display tends to cut your last cue. And you unintentionaly jump to the first cue causing strange eyes on your director's face.
  7. The cable between 6 and 7 is faulty... No, seriously. All the same DMX address or different?
  8. Hi RaffaABC, The Zero88 guys won't be able to help you with this description. They will need to have a description of how the DMX channels are located. And if you can find out the channel allocation, you should mail it to FixtureSupport@zero88.com. And maybe here, just for interest. Martin
  9. Hi Edward, I am using the Android app. I appreciate that the app is designed for dark environment. But there should be more contrast to see the sliders position. I can make a screenshot when I am next to the console again. Martin
  10. Hi together, I am trying to use the Z Remote app more and more. One problem I have is the visibility of the sliders in a dark environment. On my mobile phone, for example the sliders on the colors page are displayed in black, and the indication of where the slider value is, is almost invisible. It is also not very convenient to use the wheels on a small phone. I'd feel better if they also were sliders. But this can be a problem if you have many parameters on a slider to hit the right value. I think it would be more intuitive if you could tap with your finger on a wheel and left/right or up/down would change the value. Is it just my phone which has this bad visibility or is it a common issue with this app? Can I change the colors to some more convenient ones? Martin
  11. martin-144

    Default Color

    Hi Kevin, your explanation is totally clear to me for Beamshape and Position palettes. But in the case of colors I also got mind-stuck that a palette represents one color, which is not true. Thanks for clarification and the confirmation that not only I suffered on this imagination. Martin
  12. martin-144

    Default Color

    Thanks Edward, setting the default colour worked. I noticed that my different LED fixtures needed a little bit of different RGB settings to have the right colour. I tried to store them on the same colour palette, and in contradicton to my opinion, it seemed to work. So, is it possible to save different colour values to one single colour palette for each fixture? I didn't expect that. So for example, would it be possible to store a rainbow color scene over several fixtures to a single colour palette? Thanks, Martin
  13. Hi Jon, I installed the update today and played around a little bit. Fortunately we are still pre-production. Patched a bunch of Lamps, Dimmers, and LEDs. So far no complaints. Martin
  14. To avoid the "Surprise, Surprise" moment: Possibility to have submasters not recorded in other cues. No, the inhibit or park workaround is not practicable. Thanks, Martin
  15. martin-144

    Default Color

    Hi everyone, I got a Cameo Pixbar 600 for testing. I adjusted the colors to match the color to the rest of our older halogen floods. Is it possible to save the actual color as a default value, so when I rise the fader, the lamps will light up in that color? Tried around with the home and default options, but no luck... Thanks, Martin P.S. Having this lamp, my interest in pixel mapping has rised a little.
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