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  1. martin-144

    Time Display

    Thanks Edward for your advice. It worked. It was not a big problem at all, but I was confused why it displayed something different than usual. Seems I touched this part of the monitor without noticing it. (good vs. bad for touch monitors 🙂) Martin
  2. I don't have any fixtures at the moment which would require pixel mapping. So, honestly I don't have a need for it. And I think there are other things that need to be fixed first. Martin
  3. martin-144

    Time Display

    Hi Edward, I will try this the next time I get to the console, which will be on Friday. But thanks for pointing me to this. I have not found anything similar in the manual. Thanks, Martin
  4. martin-144

    Time Display

    Hi everyone, since yesterday my FLX console displays something different on the external Monitor, where the time used to be shown (lower middle of the screen). Now it displays "MIDI: <No Input>" or something similar, I don't remember exactly right now. Just to mention that I am not using MIDI in any way. Any Ideas? Regards, Martin
  5. Hi, slowly going to understand things: I added a new file in /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan0-artnet with the following content: This creates a new wlan0 interface on wlan0 with the required IP address. Adjust to your own IP adress. Works for me at home. Lets see for my theatre setup tomorrow. Martin
  6. Hi, Today it seems a lot of Artnet Questions arise. Here is mine: I tried to control a Raspberry PI configured as a Media Server running OLA through Artnet without luck. The FLX is attached to an Access Point which delivers IP adresses in the Range 192.168.0.* to its wifi clients through DHCP (which includes the PI). The FLX is cabled to the AP and has a fixed address in the 192.168.0.* range. In the Manual I read that Artnet can only be delivered to IP addresses ranging in the 10.* or 2.* address range. Does that mean I have to configure the PI to additionally listen on and having configured an IP address on the 10.* range to receive Artnet? May this be correctly routed through the Access Point if not configured explicitly? Regards, Martin
  7. Hi Edward, I already expected something like this. But is there a maximum resolution the FLX does support? I don't think I can connect a 4K monitor or something like this. I think at some point it would be just down-scaled? Martin
  8. Thanks Edward, I am glad to hear that something like this is "on the road". The option using an UDK on latch and an inhibitive fader sounds also reasonable, but I think doesn't prevent recording house lights when they are supposed to be on, but not to be recorded. Another question, and totally unrelated to the others, which I mentioned already in another thread: What is the maximum supported screen resolution for the FLX? I am looking for a touch monitor to buy and don't want to "overshoot". Thanks for your help, Martin
  9. Hi, it's me again, to follow up today's premiere performance, all went quite well, but a common problem reappeared. Please add this an feature request: Make Submasters or Playbacks to be not recordable in the main cue stack. Somehow the 'Inhibitive' or 'Park' solution does not work out for me, unless maybe someone creates a macro which can do this. I tried, but somehow failed doing it... @Edward: Thanks for your instructions for removing fixtures from a cue. This worked out really well. Thanks, Martin
  10. OK, understood. Can you please tell me how to remove a fixture completely from a cue in live mode? I didn't really get the hang of it. Thanks, Martin
  11. And another question in advance, somehow related to the previous one: Is it possible to delete a fixture's intensity information from a cue in blind mode? Thanks, Martin
  12. Oops I did it again... Programmed house lights into a cue... Not that I have been doing this before, but this time it was tricky. In a break, when the houselights were switched on using two Submasters, I changed a scene (working light on stage) in Playback 0 using update cue. Of course the houselights were recorded too, but I didn't notice because they were supposed to be on. After the break I continued to the next scene, but the houselights kept tracking and staying on because they were on in the last scene. Turning the lights off in the scene before didn't change the tracking behaviour. It seems when it's tracking, it's tracking regardless if you change something before. How am I supposed to turn the lights back off in such a case? I could turn them off using the programmer and not touching it until until the end of the play. If I had to change something else using the programmer, what could I do in such a case? Martin
  13. Hi Edward, thanks for your quick reply, I already knew the SHIFT + (Z) shortcut for blind mode. I hoped there was something comparable for preview mode. The next time I will be on the console I will try your suggestion for recording a blank cue using the tips you gave me. Unfortunately today I had to do this while another live cue was active. I am not always focused to the screen to see which options are there. Used to an old strand console where you did not have an 'interactive' screen at all. But I had the same problems with it. You say "no information will be stored in the cue". Does this mean 'all zero' or 'no change'? At the moment I am talking all about intensity values. Thanks so far, Martin
  14. Hi again, today I had my first serious rehearsal using our new FLX. In general I have to say that the handling and doing changes to the lighting on the fly was very convenient and intuitive. On the other side I came up with some questions I want to ask here: - I found myself very often changing between Live, Preview and Blind mode to do stuff either online or offline or checking what the next scene would be. Is there a way to change between these modes without using touchscreen or mouse? I would like to use the keys to do this. - In blind mode (or any other), is it possible to create a new 'blank' cue with a certain cue number? For example, I know I want to have a blackout at cue 26, which doesn't exist yet. It it possible to create it without disturbing the running cues? So far and and a few rehearsals to go... I might add some new questions here. Regards, Martin
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