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  1. Ahhh knew it would be something simple! Thats great - thank you for that! Sadly it’s only a demo desk I’m on at the moment, so can’t really do the update myself, but will be keeping up to date when we get one ourselves! One slightly more random question, how do I set the time of the clock on the desk to be correct? Just noticed it was wrong when I locked it! Cheers James
  2. Thanks both for getting back so quick! Yeah, had set a position fade time, and it shows that time completing but whats outputted live isn't doing that..... Had another look through my file, and can't see anything obvious, but I'm sure its something simple! Attached it here, I believe it does it with the washes between the cue 'tabs closed' and 'tabs open' but the main problem was in the auto follow sequence. Thanks again, James OLCS Day One2.isf
  3. Hello, Started programming a show with an FLX S24, and wanted my rogue r1s to be in a position in one cue, and then over the position fade time move to another position in the next cue. However, they appear to ignore the fade time and instead adopt the 'Mspeed' value of 0. Is there a way to overcome this without having to set the 'Mspeed' each time? Hope that makes sense! Many thanks, James
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