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  1. DGTech

    Alphapack faulty

    Thanks for your suggestions. It's the older unit with just the 2 DIN sockets. I'm back at the school on Tuesday so will take a look then and let you know how I get on.
  2. DGTech

    Alphapack faulty

    Hi, I support the IT at a small primary school and have been asked to look at their stage lighting. They've got an Alphapack which appears to be faulty. The connected lamps aren't illuminating at all. I have changed all the lamps, checked the cabling, and replaced the fuses in the unit. The overload LED lights up for about two minutes when the mains is turned on, even with no outputs connected. There is no buzz at all, and the unit does not even warm up. I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys might have. Thanks!
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