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  1. I‘ve found the problem. First I have to set „Setup - Settings - Record and Update to„when held“ , then the macro-screen appears. That was the problem, now it works fine! Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks, but how do choose a Empty macro after RECORD -> Macro?
  3. Good eveningI have to operate my FLX console with a footswitch connected to the remote interface. In this case, the desk should switch to the next lighting mood, analogous to the Go button.How can I program this under firmware 7.5.x?
  4. Hello Jon Thanks for your help. I remarked, that the problem is only, when the color LIME is programmed. If is disable "Release on Lower", the problem is solved.
  5. I have problem with the fade-down on my ETC ColorSource PAR an Spot. The dimming-down on the channels works fine, it dimms slowly. If i dimmimg-down with a programmed-submaster, the last few percents (6-10%) will stop the lights immediately. Does any of you have any idea where the mistake could be?
  6. Since the update to 7.9.4 the Grand Master does not work at startup. If the active lighting moods or channels are set to 0 via the Grand Master before switching off and the FLX is switched off afterwards, the previously active tunes / channels will be restarted at the start with the original values, even though the Grand Master is at position 0. In order to get the Grand Master function back on the fader, you have to move it up and down first.
  7. Hello If I install Z Remote on iOS11, I have the problem that in "Command Syntax" mode the display is not correct. The numeric keypad appears only halfway. Does anyone know what that could be?
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