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  1. Hello, I have a bunch of LED pars, and I've programmed some cues stacked under a playback fader. But when I slide the playback fader up it starts with full white en fades to the programmed scene, but I want it to fade from dark to the first scene. stepping further trough the cues there are no problems and works just fine with fade times. And when I'am stepping from the last cue to the first it shows no open white en fades directly to the programmed scene. Am I doing something wrong, or do I first have t program a dark step into it? John
  2. The Enttec setting are: Packet output rate: 17 p/s MAB (mark after break): 1 (10 micro sec) Break Time: 1 (micro sec)
  3. Hi, I've tried all of that, one at a time, terminator at the end, without terminator, XLR5 output, XLR3 output, with booster, without booster, short cable, long cable. It all makes no difference . It's just a bad product, but I'll keep on trying. I'm at the bands warehouse Thursday or Friday so I will read-out the Enttec dongle and post the DMX settings they were using on these spots.
  4. Unfortunately this also makes no difference, so I sent an e-mail to the chinese supplier and awaits his comment. Thanks, John
  5. I'm going to try this one out tonight, I'll keep u posted. Thanks, John
  6. Hello Jon, Disabling "rigsync" makes no difference, I think the fixtures have a elcheapo DMX board. They worked around it by changing the refresh rate on a Enttec DMX usb pro dongle.
  7. Hello, Is it possible to change the DMX refreshrate in the FLX S24 desk? Because the band I'm controlling the lights for has some chinese fixtures :-( who are funking and glittering all over the place with normal DMX. In the old system they where using they set the refresh rate up so the moving lights were working properly.
  8. Ha Edward, Thank you for the quick answer, I'm going to try this one out. *edit Works perfectly, thanks for your help. John
  9. Hello, I bought the FLX 24, and I must say it's a great desk with a lot of possibilities however I do have two questions. The desk is used with live music (band, dj) - When I program a color bumb chase and set all the fade and delay time's to zero there is stil a crossfade over them. Am I missing something or is this a bug. - Can I program movements without intesity? Example: I have a bunch of moving heads, I let them move a circle and want to program the movement under a playback but without the intensity to 100%, also to be flexible with other color and gobo playbacks so I can eas
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