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  1. Thanks Edward - good tip to use palettes and a separate playback
  2. I'd like to create a sunrise effect across 50 led fixtures on a cyc. So, start blue and gradually change to orange as a sweep across the fixtures, over 5 minutes or so. Is there a quick way to do this on FLX? Or do I need 50 separate cues to change each pixel with a fade of 30s or so, and auto follow each cue after, say, 6s?
  3. Thanks Edward - so what is the difference between updating a group and recording over it using the Merge option? In future software releases it might help if they were the same?
  4. Is there a way to stop previously entered group names reverting to gobbledegook when you merge in changes/add extra fixtures?
  5. Gafferted

    Un tag a fixture

    Is there a quick way to untag/remove all parameters of a fixture from the programmer?
  6. Programming a chase can be a bit of a faff and you need a lot of steps to give the impression of random timing as well as levels, especially if more than one fixture is involved. A random flicker that can be applied/offset to multiple fixtures would be a very useful addition in a future software release. Even more so if you could choose which parameter to apply it to such as dimmer, c/m/y, pan/tilt, shutter etc
  7. The app on my phone is No Artnet is not being used - the only things on the LAN are the router/wap, the flx and a phone. It did go a bit awol when a colleague tried to connect the remote app from another iPad at the same time as I was experimenting with naming a cue from my phone. When I went up to the desk I found 2 blank screens and no response to button presses. A power cycle fixed that. No error log was generated
  8. I've just got back from the the theatre (Pump House - you'll know it Edward!) so I can't check the Zeros version right now but I'll try to remember to later One thing I did try was turning off Artnet, which seemed to fix it, as did setting to unicast. Eddie
  9. The Zeros Remote app has always been a bit flakey but has recently become so slow to connect to our FLX and sluggish if it ever does, as to become almost unuseable on my phone and iPad. Has anyone else had problems? Is this anything to do with the recent IOS update? I'm using and old TPlink ADSL router (not connected to the net), with the FLX set to fixed IP (using DHCP doesn't seem to help)
  10. Gafferted

    Smart tag

    Does anyone have a concise description of what smart tag actually does? I’m new to zeros and can’t find it in the manual. Is it simply that fixtures with zero intensity are not tagged and therefore not recorded?
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