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  1. Originality from London but living in Munich.

    Had the FLX with external monitor for couple of years now.

    Mainly touring with The Legendary rock band in Europe and some local bands.

    Even done a show in the French alps, in the snow, I couldn't feel the fingers from the cold, untill experienced Polish sound guy gave me a thermostat with honey tea mixed with vodka.

    I used standard flight case for local shows and peli case for tours...im actually sitting on it now on the train to meet the band and doing ladies motorbike festival sonewhere in Germany.

    Had some basic issues where a group of lights was not activating, so used a blinder to bilnd everyone then between songs reset the group's and was fine.

    Ita a cool desk, but would be good to have a window Macro window next to Color pallets on external monitor, i don't like using the internal monitor so much.

    Mixture of fixtures, every venue from 500 to 2000 capacity has standard stuff, pars, dimmers, movers, smoke.


  2. Hi there,

    Can someone please help me with a fixture profile for the Eurolite TS-255 Scan?

    I see the profile from the list, however it does not say the number of channels/mode and when its patched in, only the movement effects are available from the FX window and Chases and Mark On is disabled, is that meant to be like that?


    Thanks very much


  3. Hi Mac

    Sorry just seen this post, did you fix the issue?

    Never had any issues, I have couple of them and used on my office computer before, and the touch sensors are very accurate.

    Just make sure that the USB port is working correctly.



  4. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know how I can use the fader, to control the speed of a moving head moment using Figure of 8 effect?

    Here is my process:

    1. Group > Select my moving heads > intensity at 100%
    2. Effect > Figure of 8 > Random Offset (default speed E6 20)
    3. Rec > All attributes to Fader 1
    4. Playback mode > Setup + Fader 1 > Fader Control set to Effect

    When I slide the fader only the intensity is activated, how can I control the speed instead please?



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