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  1. danglen

    Capture with MacBook Pro

    Hi Martin, I'm using the free version with the demo files patched in on my desk and it works great with my iMac 8Gb and 3,2 GHz Intel Core i5. Dan
  2. danglen

    Touchscreen monitors

    Hi Chris I have a Iiyama ProLite T2452MTS and the touch screen works fine 🙂 Dan
  3. danglen

    External Display Views

    Thanks Edward, Do you have plans for this in the future? This would be very useful function for user to choose which windows to view at once, also Groups on external screen would be really good. Thanks Dan
  4. danglen

    External Display Views

    Hi Everyone, When I'm using my external touchscreen monitor I have 4 editing windows, (Colours, Beams, Effects and Position). How can I display the Groups window instead of the Position on my external screen? Thanks Dan
  5. danglen

    Fader to control the FX speed

    Hi Edward, I manually tagged the parameters, what I needed to do was to Setup + PlayBack Button, and choose Fader to control the Effect. I watched your video and this explained exactly what I needed to do. Thanks Dan
  6. danglen

    Fader to control the FX speed

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how I can use the fader, to control the speed of a moving head moment using Figure of 8 effect? Here is my process: Group > Select my moving heads > intensity at 100% Effect > Figure of 8 > Random Offset (default speed E6 20) Rec > All attributes to Fader 1 Playback mode > Setup + Fader 1 > Fader Control set to Effect When I slide the fader only the intensity is activated, how can I control the speed instead please? Thanks Dan
  7. danglen

    Zero 88 FLX in Munich

    I'm based in Munich and working part-time with local bands in the area using/experimenting with my Zero 88 FLX. Please PM for more details. Thanks Dan Glen

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