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  1. Scloue

    Go to cue x

    How can I jump cue with the new update? I try holding the go button but it doesnt work it just keep going to the next cue. thank you
  2. Scloue

    LED snap in cue stack

    thanks a lot, it finally worked. But the default color fade time for cue is always 0sec, everytime I factory reset. It didn't work until I chose the option to keep the colors separated in the wheels options, so weird. thank you to everyone for your help.
  3. Hi, I just updated my leapfrog 96 to the new software, I manage to figure everything except in the cue sections. When I program any RGB led, it won't fade, they just snap. I even change the color fade time up to 5 min, didn't work. I try 2 different options of fixtures, RGB no virtual dimmer 3ch and the regular 3ch with dimmer, no luck. I try non-tracking and every tracking options, disable the colors I am not using with the clear button. I pressed setup and go and make sure colors is on. I changed the home/default setting of the lamp. I factory reset the board 3-4 times, I try to downgrade the console but it didn't work, it says no loading files, I even try installing 7.8.4 on a key using the master mode. Right now I don't know what to do, it's the same set up I'm using for years. thanks to anyone who can help me!

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