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  1. Thanks for the answer, we will just try it then! Another related question: if the the channel is always on 100% (so never any dimming), can we then connect non-dimmeble leds to the betapack?
  2. Hello, In our building (restaurant and meeting center) we have five betapack 2's for the dimming of all the lighting. We're planning to move to leds though. Can we dim (philips) leds with the betapack 2's? Considering in most cases there are more than 10 lights per channel. Considering the pdf file in this link (https://www.philips.nl/c-dam/b2c/category-pages/lighting/generic-lighting-pages/led-pages/dimmable-led/led-dimmer list-bulbs and spots.pdf) for dimmer compatibility, would you say (most) philip leds would with the betapack 2's would work? Cheers, Johan
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