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  1. manuca

    Theater cues crossfades

    Thanks Kevin, but the go button won't allow us to do a smooth transistion between cues, it will only be a cut. By going from lowest position of a fader to the hightest, we would like to fade from Cue T to cue T+1, when reaching 100% and going back down, we would fade cue T+1 to CueT+2, and so on.
  2. Hi, We haved just bought a FLX-S48 to use it with mix of conventional lightings and RGBW led devices. Fixtures setup is done but now we have trouble to create cues. What we need is to program a set of cues that we could be recalled one by one during the show. It's a theater show, so we need to crossfade between cues (color and intensity) without going to black in between, driven by a fader position, like a T-bar in a A/B roll video mixer. It looks just a basic way of working but even after having spent hours trying, changing all possible menus config, we don't get it... We only get a fader that open and close intensities before and after going from cue to cue. The software version is, should it be worth upgrading it to 7.9.3 to improve this ? Could you please help and decribe how each of menu settings have to be to achieve this ? the show will start next WE and stress is rising.. Thanks a lot Emmanuel
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