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  1. Nico6868

    playback copy

    excellent thanks
  2. Nico6868

    playback copy

    Dear all, is there a way to copy a record scene or chase from a playback to another? thanks Nico
  3. Nico6868

    Mixing colors playback

    Hello, i’m using My FLX S48 since few weeks and I have a question basically I want to know if it’s possible to mix two playbacks. for example: with simple leds pars l’m creating a red playback and another one with the blue color. when I use individually both playbacks no issues I have either red or blue color. i wanted to know if there is a way to mix both colors to have purple (in this case) when both playbacks are at 100%?? because today if the red is full and I increase the blue, then the par switch directly to the blue and the effect is not nice during a show. i tried to play in the playbacks settings but I found nothing. thanks for,your help

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