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  1. I've been working with a Fat Frog every now and then, so I think I basically understand the concepts. Recently, our community replace the equipment with an FLX. It's the first time I'm working with this, and I (unfortunately) was not introduced to it. So learning by doing on my own. Please bear with me. Yesterday, I had setup a few scenes and recorded them into different playbacks. This it the way I did it on the Fat Frog, and it worked well for my needs. All seemed to work well, but the I must have done something stupid inadvertantly. Some playbacks did no longer output any intensity to some of the fixtures in the cue, while others got the intensity as resorced. I had been turnin on and off those playbacks a couple of times successfully, before this started to happen. I was unable to see how to fix this, but as if by magic, after several tries and using other playbacks, the ones that caused problems started to work again as programmed. Does anyone hav a clue what I might have done, or what I could have check. (I'm not at the console until Saturday). Another problem arose at the same time: Some of the fixtures still had some intensity. I was using the faders to catch the indentisty and bring every one to intensity 0. Funnily, when I hit the CLEAR key twice then, some fixctures got some intensity, yet all faders were at 0. I had o cllue what was going on here. Again, after some time trying this or that, this behavious disappeared as well. Please excuse the vague description, but it is difficult to explan such strange behaviour when you don't master the FLX yet. There is still come learning curve ahead of me. Thanks Peter
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