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  1. At least it's not me only. I like to be able to ask for email notification, especially in forums I do not closely follow. I don't have the time to browse through forums trying to find out if there is new content of interest. Getting an email is very useful to remember me "hey, there might be someting interesting to read". But for this it must be reliable. Regards Peter
  2. Hello Edward yes I have. Below are my settings. and...
  3. Hi, I recently posted a question an promtly got a helpful reply. Unfortunatly, I did not get norified via eMail, although I seem to have turned all correspoinding profile settings to "notify by mail". Does this work for others? Am I missing something?
  4. Thank you so much, Edward, for the quick and detailed response. I'll give it another try this afternoon. The owner of that stage promised the last time (2 years ago) to look into organizing a trainig session. Unfoturnately, it didn't happen and, honestly, forgot about it until shortly before this years concert. Stuppid me I'll see if I can do something about it myself, this time. Again, many thanks for your kind support Cheers Peter
  5. Hi, Please bear with me. In my post from 2018, I wrote I'm using the FLX (or FatFrog) only now and then. It's been two years since I last worked with the FLX. I was setting up scenes and recording them into playbacks. Everything was good. But then all over a sudden -- I must have done something stupid -- playbacks behaved as if newly recordes cues weren't there. Nothing happend when I pushed the fader up. I didn't remember, I had quite the same problem two years ago, and I didn't remember I posted here. I've been re-reading Jon's answer above, watching the trainig videos, and re-reading the manual, but I'm still not sure I got it. I'm not at the console now. I can only go back working with it tomorrow afternoon; and I'm in a hurry to get that working. May I kindly ask for a little help again? Instead of writing what happened or not, this time I'm trying to describe what I want to achieve and how I do this. Hopefully, someone can point out what I'm doing wrong. (But as said, it mostly works so it cannot be completely wrong. I'm desperate) For the purpose I'm using the FLX I only need a couple of scenes (cues). Each cue will be used more than once during the show, but in different orders. Therefore I'm recording each scene into a different playback (and cue 1 within that playback). Here are my steps: 1. Select channel mode 2. Raise the fader of the beams needed for the scene. Position moving lights. Select colours. 3. When ready, hit RECORD and GO button of the playback, I want to store that cue in. 4. Pull down all faders, press CLEAR twice. Then go back to step 2 until all scenes are recorded. 5. If I need to start from scratch with a specific scene, I also start with step 2. But then at step 3 I'm asked whether I want to override, which I confirm by taping on OVERRIDE. I don't change any of the settings in the recording window, like SnapShot, Smart Tag, etc., etc. I admit I don't really understand them any good enoug to make a decision. I usually seems to work, but then there comes the problem again.... Changing to playback mode, then and verifying if the scenes look as I wanted them to. What exactly do I need to do to switch from Channel mode to Playback mode so that the playback are working smoothly? If I need a little change, such as a different intensity, or a position change, I do this in playback mode directly, then press UPDATE and the GO button of the playback outputting. One further point: Since I'm using the playbacks in "random" order, I need each playback (cue) to have the full data about all fixtures, intensities, positions, etc. I understand I need to press CLEAR twice at certain steps, but I don't understand when? Appreciate any help I can get. TIA Peter
  6. I've been working with a Fat Frog every now and then, so I think I basically understand the concepts. Recently, our community replace the equipment with an FLX. It's the first time I'm working with this, and I (unfortunately) was not introduced to it. So learning by doing on my own. Please bear with me. Yesterday, I had setup a few scenes and recorded them into different playbacks. This it the way I did it on the Fat Frog, and it worked well for my needs. All seemed to work well, but the I must have done something stupid inadvertantly. Some playbacks did no longer output any intensity to some of the fixtures in the cue, while others got the intensity as resorced. I had been turnin on and off those playbacks a couple of times successfully, before this started to happen. I was unable to see how to fix this, but as if by magic, after several tries and using other playbacks, the ones that caused problems started to work again as programmed. Does anyone hav a clue what I might have done, or what I could have check. (I'm not at the console until Saturday). Another problem arose at the same time: Some of the fixtures still had some intensity. I was using the faders to catch the indentisty and bring every one to intensity 0. Funnily, when I hit the CLEAR key twice then, some fixctures got some intensity, yet all faders were at 0. I had o cllue what was going on here. Again, after some time trying this or that, this behavious disappeared as well. Please excuse the vague description, but it is difficult to explan such strange behaviour when you don't master the FLX yet. There is still come learning curve ahead of me. Thanks Peter
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