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  1. Carpo

    Button Wing for FLX S?

    I could also use a kind of a trigger panel only with buttons - good idear 😉
  2. Carpo

    Button Wing for FLX S?

    I am pretty happy with the iPad as extra screen for my FLX S24 😉 Sorry about the cable mess - has been fixed today.
  3. What I'm looking for is a way to get fixture groups dimmer channel to Playbacks. I know I have the intensity knob - but it is easier for me to have each main groups dimmer channel on a fader/Playback. I hope it is possible. Really reading in the manual, but I think I still miss a lot info to understand ZerOS. The videos about ZerOS are great, but I need more of them ;-) It is "easy" for me to get my effects on FLX S24 running on the fly - but programming is really hard for me.......... :-(
  4. Having some problems to get my submasters to work the way I want. Would like to control the dimmer channel so if I made a chase the submaster still can have effect. (I'm not able to dim the light....) Tried the color and intensity settings - working fine if I'm not using the effect generator. Any suggestions to get it working?
  5. Carpo

    Rosco/Lee Color filters

    Just copy the Lee colors you like from the Mood Board to the color palette.
  6. Carpo

    New fixture requests

    The Antari Z350 Fazer fixture personality is not working on my FLX S24 - the intensity knob are missing....... I have tried to reload the personality without any luck. Any suggestions? All other fixtures are working fine in my setup ;-)
  7. Carpo

    Effect pallets

    After watching some videos and reading more hours in the manual I think i understand the effect generator a bit better - but still long way for me to get all out of the FLX S24 ;-) The videos on Zero 88s YouTube channel are great for me :-)
  8. Carpo

    Effect pallets

    I am totally new to FLX S24. I don´t think I can get the effect pallets to work in a good way for my LED fixtures like a bar with 4 LED cans and 4 X uplight cans. Where can I read og find more info about how I use the effect generator in the right way. Hard for me choosing colors for the "chase" effect and generals for effects....... Also have problems with the "Rainbow" effect - don't think I can get the effect running real smooth. How can I make my own effects pallets, and how to save them????? I am missing some real simple and classic "disco chases" like "Nightrider", "Chase in", "Chase out" and "Carousel". The quality of the FLX S24 are great and the programming is simple so I really hope you can help me to get all out of this great compact product ;-)
  9. Yes great - it make sense :-)
  10. Still waiting for my FLX S24 512 - it is in backorder here in DK :-( Reading alot in the manual and the setup is ready to be loadet when I have the deck/controller in my hands. But how do I make a palette where the moving heads only are working on the "dancefloor" - can´t find it in the manual, do I miss it? What to do so I "restrict" the movements on moving heads for a special area?
  11. Great - thank you for the help. I´ll come back with more fixture request in the near future :-)
  12. Hi Jon, Yes, it is a Stairville CLB4 compact bar running in 14 channel mode. I have attached the manual as a pdf Stairville CLB4 Bar manual.pdf
  13. Think I´ll will buy a FLX S24 in the near future for my small mobile disco. I just have a simple question. Can I program a single bar with one DMX address and four spots so all four spots are working with the effect generator and can be controlled as four individual spots? I am using the fixture in 14 channel mode - ch. 1: Red, ch 2: green, ch. 3: blue, ch 4: red, ch 5: green, ch.: 6 blue, ch. 7 red....... and so on. Ch 13: strobe, ch 14: dimmer. Hope somebody can help me with a solution. Regards. Carsten Poulsen, Carpo Roadshow www.carpo.dk

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