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  1. Mhh, I was mixing some wrong things together........ I don't want to use the fader to controll the speed and more for the effects. I just want to make a cue only controlling the effects. From the Record window will I have to select "Selected fixtures" (my 8 spots) "Tagged Parameters" and "Effect - Attributes"and then be able to only add the chases to other Playbacks controlling my 8 spots?
  2. I am going to make some cue lists with effects for my 8 spots. Just simple chases one way and the other and with 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 plus a list with MH movements for my movers. How do I program each cue so it only the effect (chase/movement) I am controlling? Is it '"Fader control effect" I have to use, or.....?
  3. Tom, I am able to add the picture of my iPad solution in my flight case here. You already have the list of items used and I hope this picture makes it more clear. Please let me know if you need more info.
  4. Sorry - it is working now......
  5. Ok, I understand - but I am not able to get it working by holding the Record button. It is like the setting not are been saved?????
  6. Great Mark - thank you for shaing. The image is installed on my FLX S24
  7. Yes, it was SmartTag I had problems with - SmartTag is not that "smart" for me - but I know The way to get up and running the way I needed was to go to "Setup/Settings" and change the "Tracking options" to "Cue Only" under "Record & update". Thank you for help and fast support.
  8. Last night I was trying to make a simple one step cue with 3 different fixtures but the recorded cue was not workning. The cue is in the cue window and there is one line (green) when I start the cue - but with no values in the line. I think the normal is 1.0 in the fade collum and can´t remember what else there normally are. What im I doing wrong? What setting is making my life hard. I hope I´ll be up and running again tonight
  9. Great - but tracking was a big problem for me, and it took ma a while before I was understanding the problem (combining cues from two playbacks). Sync playbacks is great but will taking to many MFFs at my FLX S24 I need to read more about Global BPM to find out the benefits using it - could be great to use the Master Playback for a tempo fader in my case. I am not able to apply Circle, Vertical line and more to my MHs - the effect start from the beginning at each step (BPM 60) is there a work around that problem so the effects just keep running?
  10. How can I sync two 4 steps Playbacks (two fixture groups both with a RGBY chase)? Or a simple way to make a new Playback with the two different fixture groups (4 steps playbacks) using the already made playbacks? Another question: Is it possible to "park" my Moving Heads at my defined "Home mode" when the MHs are not in use?
  11. Brilliant - thank you for the help. As always great support
  12. Is there an easy way to make a two step playback for haze/smoke? Thinking about: Step 1 (for smoke): 5 to100% "effect" (smoke pump) at 5 to 60 sec (the "effect" is easy to change in the step - but what about time......? Step 2: 0% "Effect" for 30 seconds to ?? minutes. Can´t really figure out how to do it on my FLX S24s If I make the playback as a chase each step is the same duration........ and it is not working for me.......
  13. I have a FLX S24 where I have 3 different showfiles I am using to different setups. All fixtures and DMX adresses are the same on all showfiles. Is there a way I can copy a playback from one showfile to another showfile?
  14. I need a bit more inspiration how to get more out of my FLX S24. Love your YouTube videos about the ZerOS (FLX/FLX S) - but do you have videos from a normal training session, maybe I can learn something about programming that way.
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