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  1. Hello, as i mentioned in a thread before, i really like the FLXS24, because it does so many things right. But there is always room for improvement ;-) Right now I do have my "difficulties" with the sensitivity of the Encoder wheels. For example: If the encoder wheel sensitivity is set @50% (factory default): Changing Position and Colour values works just fine. Rotating the wheels fast makes great changements of values. To do fine adjustments, I turn the wheels slowly - just click by click. But: If i want to reduce the effect speed (or size or offset) with the speed encoder wheel, one "click" of the Encoder wheels means a jump of 3-4 values. With this setup it is not possible to set specific values on the Effects - which really can be annoying. If I set the encoder wheel sensitivity is @40% (setup -> system settings -> Attribute settings -> Position settings -> wheel sensitivity @40%) : I now have the possibility to control the effect values in a "better" way (one click decreases/increases the value +/- 1), but now position or colour changing via encoder wheels works quite horrible. For example: to change the red value from 233 to 234 I have to turn the wheels about three times. so here are my questions: What am I doing wrong? Has someone else the same "troubles"? how can i set the sensitivity of the encoder wheels separately (e.g. Position 50%, Effect 20%) In the system settings the Colour-, Beamshape- and Positionsettings can be set separately. But: Encoder-wheel-sensitivity settings are global for all Parameters - why? is there a way to change the values without using the encoder wheels? Or will it be implemented in further future? - e.g. push specific encoder wheel and set the value via touchscreen. hoping to find some answers ;-) Gerhard. P.S.: the software version of my FLXS24 is 7.9.3, OS Version 7.8.12 P.P.S.: sorry for my bad english. If you do need some more information, feel free to ask.
  2. der Puni

    Problem: Encoder Wheels sensitivity

    Hey Edward (and all other readers ;-) As promised, I want to give you some feedback about your hints: 1.) This helps a lot and works quite fine. Thank you! 2.) Man, I wished this would work - but it didn't. I can change the sensitivity the described way, but it is only changed global. That means: If I changed the sensitivity for the effect-attribute from 50% to 30% it will also be changed for all other attributes automatically. Maybe i do miss something? I there a other setting to make somewhere to hold the sensitivities separately? 3.) I've tried this out before and it didn't work either. There is no specific difference if this setting is done + shift- button is hold while configuring the values. On other thought - Please correct me if I'm wrong: I thought the fine/coarse differentiation is for attributes with a 16-bit resolution like PAN/TILT... Edward - I really do appreciate your help so much, but all in all I'm still searching for a satisfying solution, with kind regards, Gerhard B.T.W: You must send more T-shirts into space ;-) Great idea - great video!
  3. der Puni

    Problem: Encoder Wheels sensitivity

    Hey Edward, thanks for your helpful tips. I will try them out as soon as possible and give you some feedback. Have a nice day, Gerhard.
  4. der Puni


    Hello, I had the same problem here with A7 from jb-lighting (and CAMEO Flatpro7). Problem solved by switching off the RigSync Option for the DMX 5-Pin Output. Measurements with a Swisson DMX-Analyzer showed, that the refresh rate dropped from 48-50Hz to about 28hz when RigSync is disabled. The weird thing about it: Sending RDM from an ETC-Congo or a MA2-Fullsize didn´t disturb DMX-Signal for this specific Moving head. I know, the comparison isn´t quite fair, but I just wanted to mention. Believe me: I really love my FLX24s, because it does so many things very right. Good bye, Gerhard Sorry, for my bad english. I'm from Germany and my "school english" is a little rusted...

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