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  1. Re the selection of colours, would it be possible to have at least the Lee Filter swatch book included, as in the FLX and Solution? I find this much more useful than the mood boards.
  2. Thanks for that. All sorted. Peter
  3. Thanks for that. It's not a problem. Just wondered why I couldn't see how to do it and now I know,
  4. Just updated FLX S24 to 7.9.5. In the release notes it indicates:- Additional desktops now available on FLX range. FLX & FLX S now include four desktop layouts, including one that allows multiple colour tabs to be open at the same time. I can't seem to find the multiple colour tabs (replicate the image in the release notes)
  5. To those of you who replied to my original post and any others who may have seen it. There is an issue as I described. I sent Edward a show file as he suggested and this was the reply: Hi Peter, Thanks very much for sending that over. What we should be seeing when you fade the first Playback up, crossfade into the second, and then fade out the second is a fade from the colour to the fixture’s defaults. But as you’ve discovered actually we’re fading from the colour through the colour of the previous Playback. I have logged this issue on our software tracker as issue number ZOS-8435.
  6. I have done all of the suggestions prior to posting. Will take a look again but I am pretty sure I am correct.Sat with both desks in front of me each controlling an LED fixture and went through as many configurations as possible. Changing the colour fade timer was the first thing I looked at.
  7. Since upgrading our Solution to the latest software and also recently purchasing an FLX S24, I have come across the following issues regarding the use of playbacks when controlling LED fixtures on both desks. I may well be doing something wrong but can't figure out what that may be. I have sent this info to Keith Rogers but thought I might as well post it on here FLX S24 1) Using the playbacks as submasters with LED fixtures, if one playback is programmed with one colour (say, blue) and another with a second colour (say, green) and a cross fade is activated between the two by fading one down and the second one up and then subsequently fading the second one down to zero for a blackout, the colour from the first playback (blue) (which is now at zero) begins to fade back in as the second colour fades out. When first colour reaches about 95% it switches off. Once at blackout there is no problem fading that or any other colour back in (I think). The LEDs in the playback flash buttons continue to flash for a couple of seconds even when the the fade has been completed (manually). All times are set at zero seconds. Is there a default colour fade time somewhere in the software? This problem seems to occur no matter how the fader function is configured. 2) With the playbacks configured so that the fader doesn't control colour seems to eliminate the problem above but if the flash buttons are used in this configuration the colour fades in rather than coming to full intensity immediately. In no 1 above the flash keys work as expected. Solution 1) The same issue re cross fades as in No. 1 above. 2) With the playbacks configured so that the fader doesn't control colour, unlike with the FLX S24, on a cross fade the new colour kicks in at 100%. 3) Flash keys seem to work as expected in either setup.
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