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  1. Thanks for the very quick reply, Edward I get your first sentence but the second one appears to contradict it? Or maybe not, after the 3rd sentence. Say I've recorded several (10) cues with fader 1 set to dmx 1. Then I re-patch dmx 256 to fader 1 and record several more (10) cues. I think your final sentence is saying that after the re-patch, all 20 cues now send fader 1 values to dmx 256, not dmx 1, but otherwise the output values aren't changed. In all, I've got 18 dimmer pack dmx channels for old school lamps, 14x6 dmx channels for 14 LEDs and 3x17 dmx channels for 3 chauvet battens. Total 153 dmx channels max. And 48 sliders to patch them to, but in any combination. For example I can patch all 14 LED master brightness dmx channels to one fader. I've done all that in previous shows - just trying to get a bit more ambitious now, by controlling LED lamps individually - but they gobble up dmx channels and hence faders. Seems like I can't do that by re-patching during the show programming. But is there any other way of doing it? Submasters maybe? I've not even worked out what they are yet, but now could be the time. thanks again for your help - I really appreciate the ability to learn and improve. jimbo
  2. Hello all. I'm relatively new to a Jester 24/48, using it for a small amdram group to control up to 18 channels of conventional lamps through 3 betapak 3 dmx controlled dimmer packs (no problems) and many LED lamps. 14 of the LEDs use 6 dmx channels each and we have 3 chauvet battens which can use up to 17 dmx channels each. For some shows, I've managed to group the lamps and patch the dmx addresses so that one fader operates several dmx addresses and therefore lamps, but I'm struggling to get anything more complicated than that. The Jester Manual tells me that "The DMX patch may be changed at any time without affecting the memory data stored in the desk." So, when programming a show, I have tried re-patching the dmx addresses part way through a programme so that the faders control different aspects of different lamps at different times in the programme / show. But it doesn't work / remember the various states, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong. If I record Scenes 1 to 10 with one set of dmx patching, then change it all for scenes 11 to 20, then go back to scene 1 the new dmx addresses are there, not the ones I set for scene 1. I must admit I've only tried it on Phantom Jester so far to test it out and start a new show at home, but should this work? Many thanks in advance. jimbo
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