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  1. Jason Brameld

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    That looks like much more fun!
  2. Jason Brameld

    Can't get remote app to connect

    I have just set up my FLX and can't get the remote app to connect. App version is Desk version is 7.9.3. Phone is Samsung S7 edge running Android v7.0. WAP is connected to desk ethernet port. Phone is connected to WAP. Desk shows up in app on my phone but won't connect when it is selected. Have tried static IP on the desk and DHCP. Security enabled or disabled and nothing works. Have restarted the desk and my phone. All to no avail. I can ping the desk from a laptop on the same wireless network. Any ideas what's going wrong? Just to add to this, the PC Monitor app running on the same wireless system works fine. Jason.
  3. Jason Brameld

    Can't get remote app to connect

    Ahhh - OK - Thanks. Glad it's not me then!
  4. Jason Brameld

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    These were great and very helpful - thanks. Two suggestions/comments - 1: Sometimes we can't see what you're pointing at/changing on the monitor screen or on the desk touchpanel. 2: Fancy editing them together without the top and tail christmassy music to produce a great 'hints and tips' as a single video? That would be great as watching them all sequentially gets like Chinese water torture with the music! Keep up the good work. Jason.

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