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  1. Hi Ed, That all makes sense, and using colour fades only was my method as described in my original post - I was just using changes to colour values (no change to fixture intensity throughout) so my sequence was: Full reds to start (red at 100%, intensity at 100%) Fade red colour values 100% to 80% over 1 minute (minute 1) Crossfade red 80%-0 and blue 0-80% over 4 minutes (start at end of Q2) (minutes 2-5) Fade blue color values 80%-100% over 1 minute (starting at the end of Q3) (minute 6) I could do all of this with Smart Tag on and no tagging/untagging of diff
  2. This has been a great thought experiment for me. Thanks for all your input Ed. I was after the straight line performance in the graph without a significant intensity dip. Here are some more graphs: If the intensiity values are run on an HTP basis with a 5 minute down at minute 0 and a 3-minute up at minute 3, then I think you get what's shown on the intensity graph below If you then add in a 4-minute colour crossfade, and multiply the colour values by the intensity values to arrive at the fixture output for each colour then you get (with a slight approximation on the resultant int
  3. OK - Thanks - I'll have a play. Given that we seem to need 3 cues to do this by your way or mine, would my way described at the top of the thread also work? Thanks! Jason.
  4. Ah - but the red fade out should finish at minute 5, and not minute 6.....leaving the blues to continue from 80% to 100% in the last minute. The actual time they spend cross-fading is only 4 minutes - in the first minute at the beginning only the red is coming down and in the last minute at the end only the blue is going up. Good brain teaser huh?
  5. Hi Ed, Your summary of the problem about separate PARS but in the same fixture is spot on! This is what we want to achieve: I think your first example is closer to the mark. - I may give this a try as an exercise So in your cue 2 - that is the fixture intensity at zero and the red colour remaining at 100% (G and B at 0) In your cue 3, fixture intensity 100%, R and G at 0, B at 100% So the question in my head on this one is would the colour crossafade in Q3 effectively slow down the red fade out in Q2, as the red fade down should be competed 5 minutes after th
  6. He knew what he wanted, which was non-time-aligned fades that didn't finish together - hence it was tricky - but he was rubbish at explaining it. I had programmed it completely wrong first time based on my initial understanding of his confused explanation! Anyway - hopefully Ed will be along with some sanity soon..... Jason.
  7. That's part of the problem - they don't time align - it's a 5 minute fade out of the reds, a 5 minute fade in of the blues, and a minute gap between the starts of the 5-minute fades. so: At time T+0: Start 5 minute fade down of reds @T+1 min - start 5 minute fade up of blues @T+5 mins - red fade out complete @T+6 mins - Blue fade in complete This was the subject of much confusion as it was being asked for by the designer (who wasn't very good at explaining things) as well!! Jason.
  8. So I had an interetsting request for a Fringe show yesterday that I couldn't figure immediately so can I pick your brains to see if there's a better way than the one I subsequently came up with? The requirement was for a split colour fade on an RGB fixture as follows: <GO> Start with general FOH wash (tungsten) <GO> Add in red from side LED fixtures on a 5 minute fade up time (so far so good....) <GO> Start a 5 minute fade out of the reds (still easy.....) <AUTO 1 min after start of Q3>, start a 5 minute fade in of blues on the same fixtur
  9. I loaded the new library file and the problem is fixed. It asked me if I wanted to replace the existing library file and I said yes, so all good. Still a mystery as to the cause though. You have our show file so could it be something funny in firmware and/or hardware versions. Can you access historic system text, or just from the last boot? Jason.
  10. Thanks Edward, I've downloaded the file and will try and load it on the desk tonight. I'll let you know how I get on. Looks like the library may be missing/corrupt on the release package maybe? Did your test desk get the software loaded by the distributable you are providing, or by some other means? As an aside (that may or may not be relevant) I did notice an error of some form flash past (in green text) when I first re-booted the desk after installing the software, I didn't quite catch what it was and subsequent boots (that I filmed so I could catch it!) didn't show it.
  11. Thanks Edward, What you did to re-create is exacty what I did. It worked fine in Phantom. Will try re-loading the show file but may need to wait until the current show is done before I can do that. Thanks for clarifying on the clear options and the UDK options - All will undoubtedly become clear with the new manual! I'll let you know how I get on - could be another 'only happens at the Pump House' Issue!! Jason.
  12. Hmmmmm. I loaded the 7.9.4 showfile into 7.9.5 Phantom and tried the same thing (on Group 100) and it seemed to work oK, but it didn't work on the desk when I was at the Theatre earlier. Show file attached. Any ideas? PH std patch.isf
  13. I just tried setting up a simple patch of the same RGBW fixtures in Phantom 7.9.5 as I tried on the desk in the theatre, selected that group. and pressed 'Automatically create effect palettes' and it seemed to work, so perhaps it is a showfile incompatibility. Will see if I can load the 7.9.4 showfile in Phantom next and see if it does the same as on the desk.
  14. Hi Folks, I updated my FLX console software to 7.9.5 today. Previously on 7.9.4 I cleared out all the playbacks and stripped down the show file on the desk to have our standard fixture patch and default groups only in it, and saved it as a 'default' show file prior to doing the update. The update was easy to do following the instructions. I then re-loaded the default show to get the patch and groups back and that all seemed fine. Then I went to look for the fab new effects listed in the release notes. Selecting a group of RGBW LED fixtures, turning them to 100% and tapping 'effect
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