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  1. On 6/4/2019 at 9:41 AM, kgallen said:

    Poke... LX plot this week, so would appreciate knowing if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a potential bug and I need to go about this a different way. Thanks.

    Yes what you are doing should work, but if it doesn't try this.

    if you select all the fixtures, go into positions and tap on the blue highlighted tilt and pan boxes, the box will no longer be highlighted and tagged.  Now when you select record and tagged parameters, the position will not record unless you select the position.

    Hope that's helped.

  2. On 5/21/2019 at 11:43 AM, Martin Burton said:

    Hi Peachy,

    How have you got your unstraps set up ? As a 10 channel set of dimmers or in 10 channel DMX mode ? 




    Hi Martin,

    We've got each Sunstrip setup in 10 channel DMX mode.  I find if you create a chase and record it to a playback then use an effect like 'Warning' over the running chase, it gives you a better eye catching effect. 

    Fingers cross this will become easier when Zero88 release ZerOS with pixel mapping.

  3. 15 hours ago, martin-144 said:

    Hi folks,

    I have tried to reproduce this on Phantom. If I select a patched Sunstrip and try to apply an effect like described, my output window looks like in the attached picture. I can see there is something going on in the DMX output view. But you cannot see any effect applied in the channel view (here it is channel 51). Is this how it's intended to be?




    Yes Martin, when an effect is running the output window in phantom doesn't show the intensity moving on the individual lamps.  You'll find when you run it on the desk with the Sunstrip connected to the desk, this will be working.  If you record this into a playback fader, make sure the intensity on the Sunstrip is on FULL before recording.  This will allow you to adjust the overall intensity of the effect when the trigger on fader is enable on the playback settings (raise and lower setting). 

  4. On 4/6/2019 at 3:24 PM, machmo101 said:

    Hi all,

    anybody had any luck using the effects engine for sunstrips? Wanting to create some “twinkle” effects but not had much luck!

    Thanks in advance

    The way I've done this with our sunstrips is to go into EFFECTS press the WAVEFORM and add a RAMP or RAMPINV to each lamp followed by setting different offset values to each lamp.  Save the effect to an effect palette, you should now be able to select the effect and control the speed.  Doing it this way means you don't have to define each lamp as a separate fixture.  Have a go and see how it works for you. 

  5. Hi Eric,

    As someone who's just moved from a Solution to a FLX, I've found the following.

    The Solution feels like ZerOS has been shoe horned to fit the old leap frog layout, where the FLX has been designed around the ZerOS system.

    There are a number of functions already not available on the Solution for example the multi point colour picker across fixtures.  This will only increase as new developments are released, such as easier control of subfixtures and the splitting down of beams and shapes.

    The older architecture inside the Solution does lag when pushed, we haven't had this issue with the FLX.  Saying that I do miss the screens for virtual labelling on the playbacks on the Solution and the ability to create your own layouts on desktops.  Saying this the FLX wins hands down, more MFFs (multi functional faders) and easy to use, very happy with our purchase.

    I hope this is of some  help.

  6. Hi John,

    I'm having trouble updating ZerOS on our new FLXS console.

    I've created a USB stick showing:-

    Folder "install"

    File: "6q_bootscript"

    But when I try loading it from the load file option on the FLXS, there's nothing showing on the USB stick.  I've tried two USB sticks and pressing the refresh button on the FLXS, but still the files are not there.  Put the USB stick back into the PC and they're there on the drive.

    Any ideas?



  7. Hi,

    The FLX range are really great consoles all running the ZerOS system.

    Very easy to use and if the 7inch built in touchscreen on the S24 isn't enough, you can connect to a WiFi router and use a laptop or tablet as a second screen.  This feature is also great for focussing sessions away from the desk using the remote app.

    You'll find the colour picker, where you can up load photos into the touchscreen and pick out colours very handy for conference work (corporate colours).

    The patch wizard is very user friendly and newer RDM fixtures will automatically be added through the award winning RigSync.  Colour palettes can be automatically generated, picked through the colour window or a Lee Mood board can be picked of colours that are tried and tested together.

    The auto palettes function also works for positions, beamshapes, effects, groups or macros.  This generators some great colour, position, intensity and focus/iris effects, which can be automatically offset by a press of a button in four different ways. 

    In conclusion  the S24 is a great console with 48 playbacks that can be defined as a single scene, cue stack or chase.  The desk is limited to 48 fixtures and 48 of each palette type, but wow what value for the price tag.



  8. Hi Pol,

    Do you want the focus to snap and the colour intensity to rise and lower with the playback fader?

    This could be achieved by make a cue stack in the playback.

    The first cue snaps the focus into position with no fade times.  Then use the second cue to raise the colour with a fade time and set trigger to auto follow cue 1.

    Reverse the steps for releasing lower the intensity.  Make sure tracking is set on.


    Cue 1 Record focus with no fade time on the go trigger

    Cue 2 Fade up the colour intensity on an auto trigger after previous cue

    Cue 3 Fade down the colour intensity on the go trigger

    Cue 4 Record focus with no faded time on an auto trigger after previous cue

    You will need to use the button under the playback to trigger and release, but as long as the raise and lower on the fader is enable, this will allow the colour intensity level to be controlled as well.







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